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Spanish Immersion Programs?

Asked by lidyah (52points) February 2nd, 2009

My partner and I are interested in doing a Spanish immersion program, either together or separately. Any recommendations on specific programs/schools in Mexico/Central/Latin America that we should check out? Any places/programs we should steer clear of? Is there a trustworthy website I should be looking at to find reviews or info on this? What was your experience like?

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I have not done an immersion program- but wouldn’t it be defeating the purpose to bring along an english speaking partner?

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I guess “immersion” isn’t exactly what I mean per say—I’m thinking more along the lines of language schools abroad where we could study intensively at our respective proficiency levels (I’m beginner, he’s intermediate) for a couple weeks. Ideally, we’d like to tie in some travel within the region after our “immersion.” Hope that clarifies. We are also interested in longer-term language programs abroad for adults- maybe 1–6 months in length?

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There is an excellent program that our city sends police officers to that is a 5-week program. An acquaintance did it because after retirement, he’s working with a literacy program for racetrack workers. The one they use is in Morelia and involves homestays.

Did you find this directory of programs?

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I don’t know what city/country you’re going to, but I used to work for inlingua and they have schools all over the world, in most major cities. they do total immersion teaching, right from day 1 (or they’re supposed to), however, they can be a bit expensive.

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My niece publishes the Magazine Think Spanish There is a link on her website to several schools on this page. I would trust her recomendations.

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My nephew went to one in Costa Rica some years ago and it was fabulous. Don’t know the name ofthe program though.

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Check out these guys: Bue Spanish

They’re based out of Argentina and have creative language programs. You can choose to learn Spanish and Tango! Or you could learn Spanish and volunteer. Or a combination of both… its all pretty customizable I believe.

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I am interested in this, too!

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