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Will having a police report written but no charges filed against you prevent you from joining the military?

Asked by galadriel (182points) August 30th, 2011 from iPhone
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Not unless you lie to the recruiter about it.

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So it’s on your record?

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I had a few shipmates that got waivers for convictions, some of them for some fairly hefty things; things like cracking into a computer in Germany, copying some pre-release software, and charging the 18-hour phone call (this was in the days of dial-up) to someone else’s account (which required breaking into another system).

If that guy could get in, and the military is a bit more desperate than they were when I was in, I think you’ll be fine.

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Ok thank you

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I’m pretty sure that won’t be a big deal. A report is not a conviction. Honesty is key.

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Are you thinking of joining the army now?
What about your baby kid?

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I never said army , and no, I was asking for the father of my child.

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If you were not physically arrested, taken to jail and booked, you will be okay. No record will exist that will prevent you from joining the military. Be truthful on all your questions that you will be asked.

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For most branches and rates it shouldn’t be an issue. But if he is going for something in intelligence that requires a high security clearance, the military will investigate everything from grade-school detentions to late credit card payments. They may issue a waiver depending on the circumstances.

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Short answer… no. Convictions, not simple arrests, determine qualification for military service.

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