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Will you join me in thanking our resident veterans?

Asked by Katniss (6656points) November 10th, 2013 from iPhone

I’m sending a big, heartfelt thank you to all of our veteran Jellys.
I truly appreciate you all!

Who’s with me?

((((Thank you))))

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Thanks for doing it so I didn’t have to.


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Thank you as well. I appreciate your sacrifice.

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Veterans, you have my most heartfelt thanks. Mahalo nui loa.

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My most deepest appreciation.

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I’d like to thank all jellys both old and new for making this site a great place to be at.

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Thank you!

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Thank you for supporting our country!

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I am a pacifist who wishes there were no wars, but I truly appreciate those who have served like my Dad.

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I honor your service. Thank you.

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My most sincere thanks to all veterans!

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Thank you , and my gratitude to those who served and to those who now serve .
Sgt MacKenzie

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Not on Carnival, no. And if, only to those who never killed anyone.

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And extra big thanks to Grandpa

We miss you, man.

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Awwwwww He looks like such a sweet man, @Seek_Kolinahr

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Ask the Nazis how sweet he was. :-P

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Seriously, though, Grandpa was awesome. ^_^

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Relevant This just made my eyes leak.
As did this.

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I thank all vets for their service, always, and to their families as well.

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* * * H * I * P * * * H * I * P * * * H * O * O * R * A * Y * * *

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I was in Lake Placid having a drink with a veteran on the Fourth of July. The parade started, and he teared up immediately. Here’s one for you Clinton.

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Definitely! Not much Veteran’s Day left now, but thanks for stepping into the breech.

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NO! I am a twelve year Navy veteran and I cringe when I hear “thank you for your service”. I joined because I enjoyed sea-faring and could get free electronics training. I volunteered for Vietnam because I thought it would be exciting and necessary for our country.

I learned that Vietnam was a contrived war where military contractors and politicians were the only beneficiaries. I also learned that politics pervade the higher ranks of the military and it is impossible to gain rank and remain apolitical.

Most of the current volunteers are there because they could not find a job or education in the civilian sector. They fight as a team because it is the only way to remain alive in a war that everybody hates and no one has the guts to end.

Do we really want to thank these guys that have been coerced into fighting for multinational companies and chicken hawks in Congress”

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