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If Iran attacks Israel,what do you think the USA and the world will do?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) May 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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Bomb the living shit out of them and run an oil pipeline directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Given their proximity to both countries and duty as world police, they’d be obligated to step in….probably to do as nikipedia suggested.

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Let’s sick these guys on them.

I’m not a warmonger, but I feel really sorry for that guy.

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I’m not sure the USA will need to do anything. Given Israel’s successful recent “secret” bombing of Syria’s nascent nuclear reactor, Iran will be wary to do much knowing that Israel will retaliate with full force. Frankly, I don’t think they want to give Israel (or the USA) any justification for destroying their own nuclear programs, which is what would happen (and then some) if Iran attacked.

It is well known that Iran prefers to use its proxy, Hezbollah, to harass Israel from the North. In essence, Hezbollah in Lebanon is like the Russian missiles placed in Cuba in 1963, only Hezbollah is actually firing its rockets and kidnapping Israeli soldiers.

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why would Iran attack Israel? I think it would be the other way around. Not like well ever know the truth anyway.

Plus a former UN weapons inspector said a US attack on Iran is virtually guaranteed.

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I missed the last part of the Q about the rest of the world. I reckon they’ll take the ‘bury-head-in-sand’ approach demonstrated in South Park.

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@Chris. If so, it might not necessarily be a bad thing. In 1981, Israel destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor at Osirak and now in 2007 destroyed Syria’s reactor. We know now that Iraq eventually gave up its nuclear weapons program, but at the time (and in 1991, the first gulf war) it wasn’t so clear. A “targeted” strike to destroy nuclear weapons facilities that limits casualties might be very useful in the long term. That said, the US is so overextended in Iraq and Afghanistan that another conflict with Iran would be difficult to sustain. I imagine that if the US weren’t so heavily invested in those two regions, that an attack on Iran might have already happened.

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I think they’ll probably send to the Israeli people hundred of thousand of weapons and send the best strategic’ war expert to kick the “shit” out of them.

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Who are we to say that they cant have nuclear weapons? Most of the countries around Iran have nukes, why cant they. We kill far more people around the world than Iran does.

And to think that we wouldnt bomb Iran because of our other wars, all Bush has to do is ask Bernanke to keep printing money. They have already shown absolutely know care to future generations. Why start now?

Stop buying into the fear mongering that this administration has sold us.

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I also don’t see any evidence that indicates Iran is likely to attack Israel. What I do see is an orchestrated propaganda effort in the US to make the American people think that Iran is “a clear and present threat” – just like they did with Iraq. It seems clear that the US is yet again on the path to war, probably mostly as a diversion for the 2 current failed wars.

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Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) made this interesting observation on his blog:

The oh-my-God moment came when I realized that Israel can destroy all of its local enemies by inventing solar technology that makes oil uneconomical. Such an invention would do more harm than any military attack. And it’s all legal and moral. The politicians and business people in Israel have all the right incentives times a thousand. Their very survival is at risk. Israel is one patent away from crushing every oil producing country in the world.

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