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Why does Outlook suck so badly?

Asked by nikipedia (28049points) May 6th, 2008

Is there anything I can do to make it perform better other than use a different client?

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what’s the issue?

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Nevermind, the NYT just answered my question.

Would be nice to be able to delete questions…...

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@niki: clck on “Flag as…” next to your question and ask mods to delete. Check off “duplicate,” “dumb” or “something else.

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Questions that are actually useful will often be left up, even if the creator wants it removed. I hadn’t heard of Xobni until now. :)

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Yah, @richard’s right on.

I hadn’t heard of Xobni before either (just released May 4th), but I have tried using Copernic Desktop Search, Google Desktop Search, and Microsoft’s own brutally slow Windows Desktop Search… all with varied results.

I’m optimistically hooking up Xobni now hoping it’s an attempt at best-of-breed by focusing on email alone.

Thanks, @niki!

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[off topic]

Huh… in the brief time that Xobni has been indexing, it’s already determined that, so far, there are 2,395 people in what it calls “my network”, and I’ve participated in over 28,000 “conversations”. Neato!

Be interesting to see what it all adds up to after a full night of indexing activity.

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