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Why does my computer twitch when I turn it on?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6627points) September 2nd, 2011

I just got a Dell Inspirion M… something.
Ive had it now for about a month or so.
I watch a lot of tv shows online and so most of the time I like loading them and then hibernate my computer. Then later on the day when I have time thats when I usually watch them. But with this computer its so strange because when I turn on the computer and click play on the show, the sounds plays but the video just flashes on that same scene again and again. I have no clue why its doing this. It’s usually a problem for me since most of the times Im always places where is isn’t internet and I would like to watch something but I can’t refresh it because I have no connection to internet.

p.s it never used to happen with my older computer my little LG notebook. I could load lots of shows and just watch them on the go like in the bus on my way home. (mind you I don’t download, I watch online and let it buffer so it wont always be stopping to buffer)

Hope you guys understand…

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I do know about the issue but I never figured out why it happens. Maybe ache memory should be increased. Maybe…

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I have that issue on some sites I use. Every page loads slightly to the right, then twitches to the left, and it happens every time I click on something.

I sent an e-mail to one webmaster and asked about it, but they didn’t know what I was talking about.

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It is the machine calibrating to the monitor it’s attached to. Shouldn’t happen with quality computers waking up on their native screen!

I know what you are talking about b/c when I hook up my laptop to my 46” TV, it “twitches” as it finds center, and appropriate resolution. Then when the image is perfected, after 2–3 twitches, it stops.

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