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How to connect my laptop sound to my tv?

Asked by curiosity (20points) October 12th, 2014

I am using an HDMI cord and have my laptop connected, but there is no sound. I went to my sound settings and it says that the sound is not connected. My tv is an insignia. It works when I have my PS3 connected to it but has been giving me problems. I tried turning off the tv and turning it back on. unplugging it, resetting my laptop, redo the cord, by unplugging the HDMI cord and such. I had no such luck. Please help!

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Your laptop may not be pushing audio through the HDMI port. You can usually go into control panel and enable the default sound settings as “HDMI”

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I looked at that already and it wont allow me to set it as default.

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Well, What make and model laptop do you have? Are the proper drivers installed?

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its an hp laptop and windows 8. its one of the newest ones i got it in march. i believe all proper drivers are installed. it was working earlier today.

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what do you mean by model?

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The exact model number

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Try loading the official audio driver here

Then check both the mixer in the systray and in control panel.

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ok thank you

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headphone to yellow/white phono connections on your tv. you can buy them on amazon for a few £

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