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Why do celebrities seem more susceptible to sharing their ghost stories?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (27202points) September 3rd, 2011

After watching an episode or two of Celebrity Ghost Stories, it makes me wonder if they are more susceptible to these situations than others. Or are they out for (re)gaining public recognition? Are they acting in order to receive a paycheck?

This isn’t about whether spirits exist. It is about whether celebrities who share their stories are factual (in their minds) or not.

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Maybe it’s the camera in their face.

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I think it’s a combination of the things you mentioned, as well as some other things. Of course people who claim to have seen ghosts think it’s factual in their minds, but of the people I’ve known that claim to have seen ghosts, they never to seem to have thought it all the way through in a critical manner, and celebrities aren’t exactly the advocates of critical thinking, either. Just sayin’.

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@incendiary_dan Maybe. But surely these actors sign up for the task. These celebrities are more B-list, but that doesn’t discredit their experience.

@Blackberry I suspect the same thing. I’ve only experienced a creepy supernatural experience twice, it was waved away after reading about sleep paralysis. I don’t talk about these experiences to others in real life, even if they share some supernatural experience.

A few acquaintances have, and I’m fine with that. It just makes me curious why so many celebrities would fall into this group. Paycheck or true believer?

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It’s a gig on the celebritie’s part and ratings on the network’s part, imo.

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I imagine for a certain percentage, like the population as a whole, the belief that they have actually had a paranormal experience is the driving factor.

For the majority it is a recognition opportunity. I imagine there is a lot of awkwardness behind the scenes with jaded producers trying to handle the celebrities. The producers might deal with four or five in a row who laugh at the idiots who believe in ghosts, then be forced to pretend with the sixth guest that ghosts are absolutely real.


They’re just flaunting themselves. They think they’re so big and famous that they can do and talk about frivilous things, like adopt dozens of babies from all parts of the world, put little doggies in small designer purses, and write silly stories about ghosts.

But like the “ghosts” they talk about, these big-headed celebrities are all “invisible” to me. Like I give a #$%. Lol.

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Let me clarify my answer above having reread it.

“When I said idiots who believe in ghosts” I was describing how I believe the people involved would present themselves and their general attitudes .

I actually have very different thoughts on the supernatural and want to be clear.

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