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What is your opinion on Jersey Shore?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) January 24th, 2011

Do you like it or do you hate is as others do?
What is the cause of the hatred that you have for the show?

If you just love the show like I do then you are welcome to talk about your favourite personas and all that jazz. Just comment below.

So basically I am doing this thread because I just painted my nails and I am waiting for them to dry completely so I though I might as well just come on Fluther and start a “thread” where we could talk about Jersey Shore :)

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I’ve never watched it and don’t plan on it in the future. I don’t hate it or anything, it just sounds like a dumb show to get hooked on.

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I personally love the show. I’m a single male in my mid-20’s, and I live out in Vegas. Sadly I can relate to a lot of their clubbing and what not shenanigans, so for me its rather fun to watch.

I just wish they would do a season out here.

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My opinion is…. (sorry) ... that the show is ridiculously stupid television. I also really am not fond of unnecessary drama, conflict, and people yelling at each other and/or mistreating each other. In addition to that, I find JS, as well as the Real Housewives shows, to be uninteresting and a waste of my time. If I’m going to watch a reality show, there has to be an interesting premise and/or the participants have to be interesting (and intelligent), to hold my attention.

I do think it is a good benchmark for personal compatibility, though. I’ve found that I and the people that like these shows are not a good fit, personality-wise. So, I guess small thanks to JS for helping me weed out people I wouldn’t get along with. :P

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@erichw1504 Good for you. It’s kind of dumb yes but still its quite entertaining.

@wgallios Agreed there on loving the show :D
Damn yeah that would be so cool if they had a show for Vegas :D I wouldn’t miss an episode :)

@oh wow. Atleast you have something to like the show for :P

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Love it. Love everything about it. Amazing.

And total trash. I get why people think it’s stupid because it is. But it’s such a perfect example of it…

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Can’t get into it. Watching the opening credits makes me want to scratch my eyes out.

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Fucking hate it. Those stupid mother fuckers give the rest of us from Jersey a bad name. Bunch of guido douche nozzles.

The fact that this shit is even on tv should serve as a huge warning at just how extremely low the majorities intelligence level has dropped.

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I wouldn’t worry that it’s a sign of anything. Stupid has always been around. We just have more varieties now with globalism.

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@iamthemob fair enough. How about this, the amount of good tv declines more and more every year because stupid is pushing harder and harder on networks. So instead of having good engaging shows you’re left with this rubbish?

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There is so much great TV now. There’s just more of everything.

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I’ve never watched a whole episode, and from what I can tell, I don’t want to. I’m all for trash TV once in a while, but teens and young 20-somethings actually try to emulate these people, which is pretty sad.

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Rubbish. But what else can you expect from the brilliant minds behind MTV?
@Seelix, if you haven’t, I would recommend watching Frontline’s Merchants of Cool and see how it still applies today

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wow; glad I never watched it.

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@Michael_Huntington – Thanks, I’ll bookmark that and watch it sometime.

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How interesting that this came up! I’ve never watched an episode of it until this evening. And, I guess, technically I still haven’t watched a whole episode. I have a friend who loves the show (She’s 26, I’m 46.) and I thought, why not. I managed 5 minutes before I had to change the channel. The drama turned me off from ever watching it again.

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Jersey Shore makes me almost ashamed to admit that I am from the East Coast.

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I have friends who are addicted the show. I don’t see how. I tried watching it, but I didn’t last more than five minutes. Plus I see stupidity everyday, why would I want to come home and see more?

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It sucks. It’s stupid and juvenile, but so goddamn entertaining at the same time. I can certainly see where its popularity comes from.

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It is SO AWESOME that they are all pretty much millionaires and I am struggling to pay for food, while holding down a full time job. I guess taking calculus in high school gets you nowhere. fml

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I think it’s fun to watch sometimes when you’re drunk. :\

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Trash tv. I hope like hell those people aren’t representative of their generation.

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@iamthemob hahah yeah I agree with you on that one.

@Joker94 bahahahha sorry to hear that.

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@uberbatman OH wow! You are so right… but still as @iamthemob said, “stupid has always been there” I understand him as well. Well thank you for the honest opinion.

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It’s so bad its good. Its so trashy it’s fascinating! Sometimes it is not bad to have a dose of some menial entertainment in your life, I enjoy the one hour a week where I don’t have to think too hard… and it makes me laugh. I’m not so much laughing with them, just at them!

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