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How are music preferences correlated with characteristics of the listener?

Asked by AlexLavidge (37points) May 6th, 2008

People strongly identify with each other through the music they enjoy listening to. Some advertising creates positive relationships with brands through music which it decides using precise criteria depending on the objectives of the ad. The messages sometimes conveyed in songs we hear on the radio are targeted towards particular demographic and psychographic segments of the population.

Do you know of any market research journals that document taxonomies of listeners to various music genres / bands based on facts such as: 1) geographical region, 2) income, 3) education level, 4) personality factors, 5) gender, 6) age, 7) exposure frequency, 8) ethnicity, and 9) sexual preference? Or has a famous study ever been conducted in this area?

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You might be interested in the work of Samuel Gosling and Jason Rentfrow, although they are academics, not market researchers.

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