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How do I deal with a haircut that I hate?

Asked by spittingamethyst (246points) September 4th, 2011

I just got it cut yesterday. I hate it. I asked for a shoulder length bob that has a slight angle. Any ideas please? :c

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All I could think of is go to another hairstylist who could fix it for you. Had this problem for months and months, not being able to find a good hair cutter.

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Can you get it cut again as a shorter style you like?

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I’ve been there so understand the discomfort.
Either get it restyled, which means going shorter or grin and bear it until it grows a bit. Then go back to another hairdresser and have it done the way you wanted it in the first place.

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I think its too short now! And I’m gonna have to see my ex at a party in a couple weeks and I don’t want to be all embarassed. Plus tomorrow will be my first day at my new high school. Does anyone have any styling ideas or anything? :/

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Can you go for pigtails or pony tails?

If you’re in HS that is a cute look, hell, I am 50 and I still look cute in pigtails. haha

Relax, in 6 weeks it’ll all be a thing of the past, and, the boyfriend should like you for more than your hair.

Nows a good time to learn the art of laughing at yourself. ;-)

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Hair is very forgiving, it grows back :) In the meantime i’d suggest you keep ‘em tied up, let it grow out. If it’s cold where you are, start wearing hats, they can look good. Hope you feel better!

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You should definitely try to go to a different stylist with some pictures in hand.

Here is a very cute super-short hairdo on Emma Watson

And Carrie Mulligan Blonde

And Carrie Mulligan Red Hair

Or this short haircut on a pretty model

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Wear a cute and cool looking hat? : )

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There are some really cute clip-in hair extensions, ponytails, up-dos, etc. At ULTA and Sephora. It’s a quick short-term fix.

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Buy a wig.

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Sephora and ULTA are out of my price range- I go to Sally’s Beauty Supply.

I don’t know what texture hair you have, but if you’re in high school, you can have fun with your hair a lot more than a working person could. You could braid the front in an assymetric close to the scalp braid and reduce the “bob” look, Coloma-pigtails work well too, or get a clip and clip up the top half of the hair in a messy half-bun or buy a bunch of hair doo-dads and use them.

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It probably doesn’t even look bad.
Can you post a picture, to give us ideas of what would look good?

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that sucks. My wife had it, and she actually liked hers . . . Two years later it’s FINALLY getting back to “long.”

i can’t imagine being stuck with it and NOT liking it :(

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Is it possible that it actually looks nice, even if it doesn’t please you? If so, you’ll still make a good first impression.

Don’t let this shake your confidence. It’s your manner and attitude that will matter much more than your hairstyle, and if you seem grumpy and withdrawn because of your hair, people won’t guess the reason—they’ll think that’s just the way you are. So put the best face on it that you can, act cheerful and friendly, and take care of the rest later.

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@Jeruba has a great point . . . no one will be thinking as hard about your hair as you are now. So put your best foot forward, and they will admire your hairstyle, or maybe not even notice.

We are our own harshest critics.

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Lol thanks guys. And I have a picture. Guess I’ll have to upload it to Photobucket and then post a link?

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And I really want extensions but I can’t find any cheap places around my area that does them. So I wanted to buy a bunch of heat resistant synthetic clip-ins on eBay. But I don’t know what to buy, like what will work for me. And then plus there’s no way I can get them before school starts so people will know the difference :/

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@spittingamethyst, I think it looks adorable the way it is…

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Thanks I just don’t like it. I feel like a little kid with it lol.

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Aaaack! I can’t see the picture when I click the link. It goes to a flickr page, but it’s blank : (

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