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Is there software to download smartphone photos?

Asked by smilingheart1 (6439points) September 5th, 2011

I have a basic android phone (HTC Smart Phone) and am wondering if there is a way to download photos taken on the device or whether I have to email them makie them printable.

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You want to print them? You need to get them onto your computer somehow. So, go to the photo gallery, and open up the photo you want, and then hit menu and then hit share. Then from the sharing you have many options, from emailing it to texting it to posting it to Flickr… whatever your preference. Emailing is probably pretty easy. Or, you can connect the phone to your computer with a usb cable, and open up the folder on your computer, and get the file that way.

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I just plug mine into my PC and it handles it from there. If, unlike my Droid X, it doesn’t have the software to do it automatically, you should be able to navigate it like a USB Flash drive and copy your pics that way.

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I have an HTC smartphone and use the USB cable included with the phone to plug into the computer, and then open the “media” folder found on the phone.

You can also install the Lookout app, which is used to locate you phone if it is lost or stolen, but also backs up all of the content of your phone to your own account on their cloud. You can then find all of the pictures from your phone under your account on their website.

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I have an iPhone and I use an app called WiFi Photo. When you download it onto your phone, it gives you an address www.whatever and then all you do is type that address into your computer and the pics on your phone show up on that site and you can save the ones you want. I think it cost 99cents, works great and I don’t need any wires.

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Don’t complicate it. Like others mention above, just use it as a flash drive. No software needed.

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