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Which national bank is best?

Asked by seekingwolf (10410points) September 6th, 2011

I’m planning on cancelling my bank account and switching to a different bank when I leave college. My college is out of state and I’ve been using PNC for the past 4 years. But there is no PNC in my homestate so it will be time to switch back to something else.

I’m really torn on who I should go to. I’m leaning toward BoA because their online banking and ATMs are awesome. Here are my needs:

-debit card
-some sort of small savings program that will allow me to save up money as I go
-don’t want a monthly account fee
-really don’t want a “minimum amount” requirement in account
-need some checks (but don’t need a lot)
-will do direct deposit in the future
-want a bank with a ATM near me (I’ll be living in a bigger city) that I can deposit checks into on the go
-online banking, tracking spending

I have no credit (I do all my spending on debit) but I would like to get a card through a bank that would help me build credit by me buying stuff and then paying it all off on time.

I basically don’t like to deal with tellers very much. I do all my stuff online and via ATM with PNC so I would like to do that again with another bank.

Any insight?

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Wells Fargo is fucking awesome, I have never enjoyed going to the bank so much. Theyre so helpful!!!!!

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Try I know nothing about them, but I see their ads all the time and your list is similar to their services. Seem to cater to the online services. I just might change myself, now that you mention it.

BofA does have a great online system, but don’t even think about walking in a place where they have people, unless you enjoy being herded like cattle.

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@plethora Why is that? Are they always packed or something?

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Keep in mind that most credit unions are tied together. Today I deposited a check into a ATM at Selco and my CU is OnPiont Community Credit Union. The funds were immediately available.

My credit union covers all your points and has amazing customer service.

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@seekingwolf My experience in several of their branches is exactly that. Packed and people waiting. I thought it was a nightmare.

I was just looking at the website. They have no physical branches and nationwide no-fee ATMs. Let me note though, I have been attracted to their ads and everytime I look at their website, I find their services really unique… least, the way they deliver them. So I am not unbiased, and looking for myself as well.

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Ally looks good. I was looking around the site. My only issue is that sometimes, I get checks (not direct deposit) and if I wanted to deposit those, I’d have to send them via US mail and wait several days. That part sort of worries me. I have a bit of mistrust when it comes to the US postage system. Stuff jsut gets lost…no one’s fault.

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@seekingwolf Agreed. Would not use USPS. Well, I don’t send anything physical unless it is tracked. So Fedex 3-day when I need it.

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B of A is crap. They have massive communications issues. They are not very customer focused. They can’t even obey a court order. Did you see where they foreclosed on a house they didn’t even have a loan on? When the judge ordered them to pay attorneys fees they didn’t, so the couple foreclosed on them. They actually got the Sheriff to go seize their property.

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@Judi YESSSS!!!! Re B of A

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Chase, end of story.

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Chase is the best bank. I have a creditunion, and my gf has Chase. Customer service, latest technololgy for depositing checks, its never looked so easy, clean, professional, and doable. Chase wins in every category. Theyve also got a great rewards zone.

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Honestly, I hate all national banks and would highly recommend finding a regional one or a credit union.

If you must go with a main brand… stay away from Chase for sure, they are literally the scum of the Earth. I would also avoid Huntington, but that’s just my own personal preference and bad experience.

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Just say NO to Wells Fargo. Getting Quicken to “talk” to their site is/was a nightmare. Also, I wait forever when I physically go into the bank.

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I’m torn between BoA and Chase.

BoA has the “Keep the Change” program which rounds up my debit purchases to the next dollar, and that money goes into a savings account that I have. So I can save money over time.

Chase doesn’t have that. It also requires me to make a monthly direct deposit (which I may not because I’m going back to school in a year and may not have a job for part of the time) and then they will charge me every month if I don’t. Do they have a savings program?

BoA customer service looks bad though.

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Why does it have to be a “national” bank? The regional banks usually try harder.

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@Tropical_Willie Two words, nationwide ATMs

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@HC National Banks are PITA’s.
Most Credit Unions are no charge for ATM transaction at other Credit Unions and their ATM’s

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I like the nationwide ATMs. I tend to drive around a lot and I want to be with a bank that I know will be nearby. I don’t want to have to go to another city to do my banking. Also, a lot of the credit unions don’t have the ability to do cash or check deposits at their ATMs.

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@seekingwolf Any thoughts on at this point? I’m liking them.

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