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If a pee wee boxing league was browbeaten into allowing 3 girls to fight should there be special conditions for them or should they be treated same the boys?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) September 7th, 2011

If a pee wee boxing league (6 to 11yr olds) was browbeaten into allowing 3 girls in that wanted to box, should they have any special conditions, as to standing eight counts, glove weight, knockdown rules, etc? Should the equipment they fight with be same as those the boys use, less the cup which they will not need? If they desire and believe they can sling them donkey knuckles as well as any of the boys, if they start to really get the worse of a match should the ref intervene any different than if it were an all male bout? If you have a nephew that was going to eventually be in a match with one of the girls would you tell him to go easy or try to clean her clock as he would any other opponent?

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They should be treated the same but we all know it won’t be the same.

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At that age, I was routinely kicking the asses of most of the boys I knew. Differences between male and female bodies/strength are practically nil at that age range. No special accommodations would be needed.

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At that age it should be identical. It’s only during and after puberty where weight and strength become a dividing factor.

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Me too @augustlan. Rules should be the same. The biggest problem would be the demolished male egos when they get their butts whupped by a girl!!!

I have just finished reading an article on sport induced concussions and their long term effects and I don’t think I would let my daughter or son participate in any contact sports. I would tell them to play golf or tennis instead.

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Oh ladies .. common. It’s not like a eleven years old has that big on an ego if he gets his ass wooped.

The rules should be the same.

Oh and @downtide I know a lot of girls who are bodybuilders and can lift a lot of weight and I know a lot of men who can barely take a punch without getting knocked down. It’s not all about strength.

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They should be treated the same.

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Why would it require “browbeating”? If they want to participate, why should it be a big deal? When I was that age, I could beat the crap out of my male classmates. Except for the kid that had been held back twice.

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I don’t appreciate your use of ‘browbeaten’ and ‘allowing’. Otherwise, they should be treated the same.

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With what we’re learning about head trauma is pee wee boxing a remotely good idea?

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Three NHL enforcers have killed themselves in the last few months and some of the NFL guys have done the same. Don’t let your kids do this.

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They should be treated the same. .
At this age it is unlikely that someone is going to throw a devastating blow-
Head gear is a great protective tool to absorb some of the blow.
Boxing is not just a violent thing.
For many it’s a lifestyle that teaches strength, a strong mind, self control, respect, perseverance, pride- and so much more.

Im in my early twenties, a female and I spar with many male partners. If they did not hit me I would be insulted. How am I supposed to get better with a sparring partner that “takes it easy on me”? I’m not. In competeition the young females will box other females and I imagine for that age group the rounds will probably be 30 seconds. ..

As an issue of pee wee boxing in general thats a different topic completely but
if youre ok with little boys doing it you should be ok with little girls doing out. ..

I mean come on are we still on the boys play sports and ” rough house” and girls play with barbies…...

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One of my nieces wrestled on her high school team last year with
nothing but boys in her 120 pound class.(Not sure what that is called)
In fact,she was the only female wrestler.
It was something she wanted to do and if she had any trouble,she never complained about it.She just went out and did it. ;)

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Equality should be the name of the game in all facets of sports, work, etc.

Notice I said “should”. It will never happen in boxing for the girls. Why? Girls do not have the upper body strength of a guy. This info is according to my wife.

This is also why women are now not positioned on the front lines in a military action.

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@john65pennington , you can forward it to your wife that in boxing . most of the power is generated from the legs and the core. And i don’t mean that in a rude way…just a common misconception. If you used solely your upper body strength in a fight you wouldnt get very far.
The arm and fist is the tool that delivers that power….

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Equal means equal. No special treatment.

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No special rules should come into effect, to be honest, I find it quite silly for their to be segregation of the sexes in sports. Hell, I knew a gal who was both the quarterback and a safety for her high school football team and kicked ass in both positions. I wrestled against several gals who could decimate me as well as almost any other guy. If they got the guts, muscles, and/or talent for it, why stop them?


Personally, I don’t think little girls should be allowed to fight, let alone be permitted to join boys. I just don’t like the idea of girls fighting. It’s very unbecoming, even if for sport. However, if they “do” fight, they should only fight with other girls, as they run a great risk of getting hurt fighting boys, who are generally more aggressive.


Perhaps “unappealing” (unattractive) is a better word. Lol.

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@MRSHINYSHOES , Im pretty sure people don’t box because it’s attractive. ..
just saying.
It’s an internal thing.


@boxer3 Lol. I mean it’s not attractive when girls do it. It’s not attractive for guys either, but it’s ok for them because it’s rough and aggressive, and guys are by nature that way, not girls. That’s why it’s just not fitting for girls to box. I have two young daughters, and I wouldn’t want them to box. I wouldn’t want them to get hurt, or disfigure their beautiful faces. In our society, we place importance on physical appearance for girls/women. Some people say that’s awful, and I would tend to agree, but that’s just the way it is. Besides, my girls wouldn’t want to do that sort of thing anyways. They like doing “girl things”, not boy things.

Yeah, definitely an internal thing…...and enough said. ;)

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Ability should be the determining factor of how any person in any kind of athletic league is treated. If you aren’t fit to play the sport, you aren’t fit to play the sport; if you are, you are.

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@MRSHINYSHOES What century are you from? Contrary to old, outdated popular opinion, girls are not just about “sugar and spice and everything nice.”

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@augustlan – you tell him Auggie!

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@augustlan , I’m with you.

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In @MRSHINYSHOES defense, this question was about opinions. I disagree with him as I am living in the 21st century instead of the 19th and haven’t shined my shoes since I left the Navy, but that’s no reason to pig-pile on the guy.

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How would people really feel if they see some boy dash across the ring when the bell dings and start unloading punches in bunches on some girl? If he is way more aggressive given the Nichole Simpson era, and violence against womwn, people will really be able to disconnect from that visual?

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@Hypocrisy_Central Oh if only they spend the energy on fighting domestic violence instead.

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@Hypocrisy_Central in competition fights it’s female female. In sparring it can be whoever.
Not to mention its not like anybody is picking random people passing by and fighting them . This question indicates the females want to box. Therefore in boxing it is inevitable you will be hit….. who cares if it’s a male or female this is voluntary jeeezzee people.

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When you join a league, you play by the league’s rules. I suspect any girl whose desire to box is strong enough for her to fight for a place in a league understands what it means to join. I do not box, but I do practice martial arts. We all spar one another—full contact—regardless of age and sex. Everyone knows what they’re getting into when they start. I have sparred with a girl half my age, and her father has never felt the need to run onto the floor and stop me from hitting his daughter. It’s part of the training. He knows it, she knows it, and I know it.

P.S. @Hypocrisy_Central: Women do use groin guards. They’ve got some sensitive equipment down there, too, you know.

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