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How do I become a paramedic?

Asked by Taz0007 (145points) September 7th, 2011

Let me expand on my situation…..I’m interested in becoming a Paramedic but want to take on some work experience over the next two years to make certain I’m choosing the right career path.
I would have to take the “traditional route” into the role as opposed to the degree route as I’m alreading undertaking a degree in Cancer Biology and Immunology.
I’m hoping to join the St John Ambulance as a volunteer in October via my Students’ Union therefore, would it be advisable to wait unitl then to start applying for wrk experience placements? And also HOW would I go about applying for work experience? It’s obviously a tricky one being such an urgent and demanding role that I doubt they like students hanging around in their way too often.
Any info on how/when to apply for work experience, being a Paramedic or the traditional route into the career would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Check out your local community college.

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You want work experience? Join the U.S. military in any branch and become H3, also known as Medic.

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Well I’m from the UK and don’t think I’m made from Military stuff to be honest! I mean more of a work placement, maybe a week or two. I’ve heard waiting lists are long so if I started drumming up contacts now I may get something for the end of next summer, if I’m lucky!

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I’d call your local fire/rescue/ambulance companies (I’m not really sure how this all works in the UK) and ask them how to get started. In doing so, you’ll likely get some good information, as well as make contacts along the way. Best of luck to you!

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Here is the information on how to become a paramedic through St. John Ambulance. They also have volunteer programs.

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You could do an online degree at a slower rate alongside the one you are already doing. You can take them over years and some of the modules may over-lap each other, but that could work out to be a good thing?
Also check with your local hospitals about there volunteering service, you may be able to do the odd few hours at the weekends and at night. (If you have a driver’s licence even better)

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