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What is your personality type?

Asked by richmarshall (1047points) May 6th, 2008

Using the DISC system, what personality type best describes you?

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Is my name a clue?

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Sweet, first to answer this question. Type A! Dammit Mr. Knowitall!

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B-Influential, ENFP if you speak Myers/Briggs , and an “orange” if you use the True Colors system…

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INFP in myers briggs.

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Mix of I and C

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@ kevbo~~I am the other way around..mix of C and I

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INTP….same as Albert Einstein, bitches ;P

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I think I’m influential.
I know I’m ENFP. (Same as sndfreQ.)
I know I’m blue.

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I think I’m an Orange/Green.

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I may be a bit bias, but the way I see it…

Green / Orange

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my fiancĂ© was right. I’m dominant and influential and the furthest thing from steady.

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We recently had a class at work on this subject and I was surprised to find out that I was dominant. I thought I was influential, everyone else had me placed as dominant and after taking the test it turns out I was stronger in the dominant area, but had some influential characteristics.

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Myers-Briggs classifies me as ‘The Peacemaker’

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@richmarshall great question.. I actually learned a great deal from the links posted. Very interesting. Much lurve to you.

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I like consistent positive flow and moving up. No BS taker, have few close friends.

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What’s the translation of “asshole” in this scheme?

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Cautious. Taking life too seriously ftw.

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