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Could a pool hall be a decent place to hold a concert?

Asked by emjay (681points) September 9th, 2011

I’m doing some Public Relations work for a pool hall.
It opened in 2007 and has had three different owners so far.
The first two owners went to jail for dealing meth, and the new owner is trying to make it into a family place.
I’m trying to think of ways to drum up business. Something that came to mind was to hold a concert there, but I wasn’t sure how the pool tables and live music would work together…
Like, would the band be mad if people were just playing pool and not swarming the stage? Would the owner be irritated if nobody played pool and only showed up for the music? I guess it’s really a wait and see type of thing, but what do you all say? Worth a shot? Any other event ideas for getting younger people in a small-ish town to go to spend thier money at a pool hall?

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Ladies Night with discounts on the drinks.

Bring a friend for half price night.

Family pool nights with discounts for kids.

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@marinelife , it’s an alcohol free place, also. And the rates are $6 per hour for one person, and $10 per hour for two. so they’re already super cheap.
But things like that could be something to look into… I’ll have to do some more brain storming.

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@emjay OK have prizes and tournaments. Do you serve food? offer discounts on that.

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@marinelife, Tournaments are starting in October, and we’re doing a cue giveaway at the end of every month. There are ads in the paper, and on the Radio. As far as food goes… just chips and drinks and that type of stuff, nothing major. It’s just a tiny little place I want to see flourish! :)

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You state that it’s a tiny little place, so outside of a soloist, I’m not sure you have room for a concert. But you might think about combining an activity that typically is not associated with a pool hall—maybe a local artist could hold an exhibition there, or a local author could have a book-signing. Maybe you could find a few local artisans who could show/sell their wares. How ‘bout a Lego contest for kids of all ages (build a pool cue????). I’m just slinging ideas to see if anything sticks—don’t hurt me!

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@picante I love the lego idea!!!!!!
By tiny I meant not a lot of patronage. The room it’s in is a pretty decent size. probably 30×150’ or so.

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Sponsor pool leagues.

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Pool Leagues and Tournaments are always good ideas. If you could get a ‘Trick Shot Artist’ in for a display, that may help as well. Everybody loves the trick shots, young and old.

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Here comes the second volley of ideas by Picante:

Since we’re needing to rebrand as a family-oriented place and lose the negative vibe from the former owners/meth dealers, create a theme like “Movies by the Pool”—show some family-friendly flicks on a big TV.

Or hold a county fair with various activities for the kids.

Or have a “Pool Party” where you really do have a beach theme for the kids (build a sand castle; wade in the wading pools; beach ball inflating contest for the older kids/adults).

Or have a pet parade—get the kids and the domestic animals involved ;-)

You can tell I don’t hang out in pool halls very much, but it sounds like you’re trying to attract an audience that is different from the norm.

Good luck!

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Offer Saturday morning lessons to kids.
Add electronic dart boards and have dart leagues.

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@picante… those are some hilarious ideas, I have to say. I don’t know if the owner would want to do any of them, but a few are worth mentioning.
@westriverrat, there are dart boards and an arcade area as well. Dart leauges could be interesting…

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I’ve seen live music at pool halls, it’s an INCREDIBLE venue. . .

Also KARAOKE night would be a HIT. I’ve never been to a decent place that has a karaoke night and it not be packed that night.

And I think I read you say up there that it is alcohol free . . . I’m sorry, but pool hall and bar (with at least beer) are synonymous.

Also, the owner shouldn’t be annoyed if people didn’t play pool, but there has to be another way to generate revenue from the guests if they aren’t playing: alcohol, food, cover charge to see the band, etc.

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Pool halls all have alcohol here where I reside. I’ve been an owner for sometime.

Without alcohol, you’ll have to do:
-Live music
-Some kind of drinks…if the place is going to remain “dry” then it’s time for a variety of non-alcoholic drinks to be made to profit from.
-Hors de vours Especially a good idea if you have hot choices at least one night a week Many “guy” places make a killing on wings and beer. Since this place doesn’t have beer…you’re going to have no choice but to get very creative here.

We’ve had good lucks doing league parties with cover charges and pig roasts. Depending on your locale and the ages you want to attract, you may want to offer:
-Lessons for adults
-Lessons for kids
-Cues (my sis makes good money selling custom cues from a local provider)

What region is this place located in? Maybe there are other “popular” attractions that haven’t been thought of yet?

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@SpatzieLover , it’s in Alaska.
I wonder if they have thought of opening a snack bar of some type… right now they just have vending machines.

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@emjay Do they already have an arcade area? Dart area with room for leagues/tournaments?

Around this region, it’s popular to have indoor & outdoor volleyball at taverns. Is there something popular like this in your area of Alaska?

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I think that many a honky tonk bar has a pool hall.

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Probaly good place for Rap or Hip-Hop. Kind of appropriate for that genra. You wouldn’t want to have any refined music in a rat hole.

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A concert in a pool hall? Would depend on the amount of space available.

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