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Do black citizens of other countries refer to themselves as African-Germans, African-Brasilians, etc. as we do African-Americans?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) May 7th, 2008
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I believe they refer to themselves in the local language. They also need to be African.

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Nope. Purely an American phenomenon.

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Agreed. I think black people here would take offence. Great question!

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Not to my knowledge, unless they’re first gen. immigrants, then they may say something along the lines of “I’m Nigerian, but living in….”.
Generally people refer to themselves by their nationality – only when the discussion turns to heritage or ethnic origin would that come up – and those aren’t your average ice-breaker conversations…

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I agree with Lozza. If I were to call some of my mates African-British I’d come away with a black eye.

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no, its only in the u.s. I think its because of slavery and our civil rights movement. Whites couldn’t figure out what to call us because we weren’t white Americans but we weren’t really 100% African anymore either because we embraced American culture.

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Interesting article: Why I don’t use the phrase ‘African American’.

Also, I’ve heard Barack Obama referred to as an “African African-American” because his father was from Africa, not the United States (where the parents of African-Americans are from, I guess).

But then again, I’m just a confused European-American.

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I just met someone today who referred to himself as “Chinese-Canadian.” So apparently this hyphenated-identity usage is common in Canada as well as the United States.

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I call black people black just like they call white people white. I’m not racist and don’t judge people based on their skin color. I just call it how I see it. A blonde is a blonde and brunette is a brunette.

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Originally we all came form Africa, we believe that at some stage my family crossed from Europe to the UK. Does this make me an African-European-British-Englishman…
no I’m English.

I think it’s a little racist in itself that some black people want to segregate themselves from other American’s by calling themselves African-Americans. It should be an old fashioned term now.

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What about people who are from Africa, are now American citizens and aren’t black? Two who come to mind are Charlize Theron and Dave Matthews. I propose: Caucasian African-American.

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…or not. We might as well call Black African-Americans BLACK African-Americans. I don’t like the term itself anyway, never mind developing it!
and they’re still African, just because they’re white doesn’t mean they’re suddenly different form other (sigh) ‘African-Americans’

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Is it just me or is it ever-baffling as to why we should go through such trouble to avoid mentioning a persons skin-colour?
Imagine if we had the same hang-ups about hair or eye colour… would you ever describe a person?

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no they are either black Americans or african americans.or they have it in there blood of some kind of african desent.can quite answer this one good question though

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In the West Indies, we distinguish persons of African ancestry as “black”, everybody else may be East Indian, Chinese (i.e. descended from immigrants from India and China, respectively), or white. There are still a few diehards who will not use the word “white” but prefer “Caucasian”.

“A black woman name is White
And a white woman name is Black;
A red woman name is Green;
Is the funniest thing I seen.
A white head woman name Redhead
Make me laugh till I nearly dead,
And a brown skin woman name Gray,
Which have the whole world so confused today.”

I wish there was a database of calypsoes, as I cannot remember who sang the above ditty; it was popular when I was still in school.

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