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I collect antiques and have a bit of modern in my living room, as well. I am looking for an interesting piece (of whatever) to hang on my wall 11"x14". Suggestions?

Asked by Jude (32144points) September 11th, 2011

See anything online that would do? I am going to look myself, but, would like to have your input, as well. Be it a framed print, a painting, a small mirror. Something interesting.


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Art deco blends the modern and antique looks well. Maybe you could start your search there. Maybe an Erte?
This one is pretty.

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I like bold pieces that really stand out, as well as mirrors.

What about a tapestry?

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@Coloma I’m down for anything.

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I like this. I have a lot of black and white in the room. I need color.

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A Moreau could be nice, a or Odilon Redon or a DalĂ­… The Symbolists and Surrealists had great colors.
You could also try a Max Ernst if you are feeling daring or a Blake if you are feeling Mystical & Romantic.

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@Jude ; Is that an Erte’?

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Crate and Barrel and Ikea have a lot of interesting tablecloths and table runners with bold patterns in all sorts of colors like this one that could be cut down to size and hemmed and hung with velcro. You could also go to a fabric store and find something that you like.

You might also check out some Japanese Norens which are basically curtains that are often used to separate the kitchen from the dining room in Sushi restaurants. You can see a bunch of norens on this site These could also be cut or folded into the size that you need.

Or maybe you’d like a piece of batik artwork

Or even a mosaic

The other thing that you might like (I know I do) is to get a collection of vintage dress patterns and have them framed. Like this or this or this You can purchase these on e-bay, but I find them in thrift stores all the time for about a dollar a piece.

Or you could actually buy a nifty (and inexpensive if you get it from a thrift store) vintage scarf like these Vera Scarves

Or you could make your own piece of artwork from wine labels

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I just bought a sticker decal. Why not check those out? I like this site

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I’d vote for a Monet at giverny or a version of Van Gogh’s starry nights. Cliche but they work. I also have an English garden painting by anna alavil in my office. Never heard of her before but it’s a beautiful piece.

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I think with your decor (rug and Victrola),
I’d go for something with a more handmade feel to it.
A real painting would do. And I also love vintage textiles.

- Indian patchwork tapestry
Log Cabin quilt
African-American quilt
Otomi tapestry
Indian sari tapestry
Kutch Paako embroidery tapestry
Nepalese chainstitch wall hanging
Janata tapestry

All of these are way bigger than 11” x 14”. And most are pretty pricey.
But just trying to give you a feel or idea of what I would suggest for your place.

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I hoe you will let us know what you end up with @Jude!

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