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What do you do with the plunger when you're done?

Asked by robmandu (21242points) September 12th, 2011

You’ve got a clogged toilet. Fortunately, there’s a plunger right there next to it.

So you get to work, plunge away, clear the blockage, and have a happy loo again. That’s great!

Now, what do you do with the soggy, tissue-draped, bacteria-laden instrument in your hands?

Note that I’m not asking what you should do. I’m asking what you actually do in the real world.

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Flush toilet clean, dip it a few times in clean water, dip again for good measure then lay it on paper towels or newspaper to dry. What REALLY got to me was when the neighbor across the road came and asked to borrow it!

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Put it back in the plunger holder and forget about it.

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I soak mine in anti bacterial cleaner regularly.

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First: never plunge with the seat down. Then flush a few times with the plunger in the bowl to rinse it off. Put the plunger back.

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Put it back and forget about it lol. And why did you give us a link to a plunger lol?

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I second @johnpowell‘s advice to use the plunger only with the seat up.

Then I do more or less the same as he does: rinse it in clean flush water, then re-wrap it in the plastic bag that I keep it in, and put it away with the bag open so the plunger and bag will dry.

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Bought a small plastic trash can that has our plungers name on it….....“Stinky”.

Inside the trash can is a solution of soap, water and bleach.

Our plunger has never complained of its living conditions.

Good boy !

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I lick it clean.

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First, try to find it back.
Then, put it in a bucket with hot water and bleach and let it be for a day, after which I rinse it with water and let it dry.

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You don’t want to know.

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Dump some bleach in the toilet bowl after the mess is cleared, rinse the plunger in the bleach water. Done.

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Clean the Brita filter with it, what else?

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Plunge my face.

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Give the toilet a few more flushes to rinse the plunger and then spray it down with Lysol. If I had a nasty poo poo clog then I’d probably scrub the rubber part with Ajax and then flush it a few times to rinse.

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It depends on how bad it is. Usually, I just rinse it in the clean toilet water, tap it on the edge of the toilet while the plunger “head” is out of the water, but still above the toilet (to get most of the water off), and put it back. If it’s worse than usual, I do all of the above, but put it in the bathtub so I can clean it before I put it back. Plungers are gross. I really hate having to keep one nearby. :/

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@wundayatta Man did I ever laugh lol.

Mine’s in a bucket, so I just huck it back in there. It’s weird though. My apartment has the shittiest plumbing that exists. It’s like ancient ruins, and many a plumber were left shamed and traumatized from my abode. The sinks always clog, the bath and shower are on drugs, and there’s always a lake in my basement. The plunger has come in handy many a time.

But nothing has ever gone wrong with the toilet. I don’t remember ever having to fix it with the plumber. It’s been in my kitchen sink a crapload of times though.

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