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Women: how often (if ever) do you stand to make pee-pee?

Asked by HungryGuy (16044points) May 27th, 2011

Can you urinate whilst standing? Or do you have to sit? If you can do it standing, how often do you do so? And do you have good aim?

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I tried it when I was 5 and I made a mess. My mother beat the shit out of me and I never did it again!

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@KatetheGreat – Lol. You should try it again, it’s a good skill for a woman to know :-p

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Wow. I guess once when I was camping. Like 5 years ago. It was more squatting than standing.

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Aim? There’s a limit to how far I can tilt my pelvis, certainly not enough to get an arc anywhere near far enough away from my feet.

That said I probably do it a few times a week in the shower. I figure this is multitasking.

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In a disgusting bathroom I will stand to urinate. Like @nikipedia it is actually more of a squat then actually standing.

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@SuperMouse – Right. I’ve always wondered what women do in disgusting bar bathrooms…

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I can only speak for myself.. but I hover, I don’t stand. I don’t have to stand to avoid the seat.

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Camping whilst drunk. I stuck my pelvis forward and did my thang.

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Never. Like some of the other ladies have said, though, I’ll hover if a public toilet looks less than clean.

I knew a girl in high school who was able to use a finger to help her aim, and it was quite impressive. I’ve tried it in the shower, but I just can’t get it right.

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Only when I was really little and heard about my older brother peeing standing up, but when I made a big mess and had to clean it up I never did it again unless I needed to pee in the woods on the side of the road when no bathroom was available and even then I am in a close to a sitting postion. FYI always bring toilet paper on long road trips, sometimes you have to pee really bad and no bathrooms are available.

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I think more women should stand while making the pee-pee.

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Only when it’s a really gross toilet, I squat. Most of the time though it can be avoided with toilet seat covers and putting toilet paper on the seat.

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Never standing and like others who have posted I squat when I have to.

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I’ve never understood why many women think they can’t stand to pee. All you have to do is get positioned directly above the toilet. It involves straddling it awkwardly, but it’s not hard! Anyway, the reason I know this is because I’ve done it a few times when I was so sore I didn’t even want to bend down to sit.

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“My mother beat the shit out of me….”

It’s terrible that she punished your childhood curiosity with violence. IMO, she should have just made you clean up your mess.

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squating…until the last drop is out…especially if you dont have toilet paper, Im assuming the female is squating to pee in an emergency….

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I can do it in the shower, but in public places it is a hover-type deal (easier if you use the facilities for those with disabilities as there are bars to grab). Now in the woods I am an expert female pee-er. I typically grab a tree and lean back without issue.

I also remember my great aunt cautioning the girls when we were children, that “you have to learn how to jiggle” at the end. Probably like guys giving things a good shake when finished.

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@Brian1946 Heh, if you only knew the woman.

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I tried once, it went everywhere. Luckily I was outside. Even if I could, I’d rather sit. It’s a nice little break.

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“Heh, if you only knew the woman.”

Nyet spasiba. I’m perfectly happy to just pontificate from my dining room. ;-)

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Has anyone mentioned Step Brothers yet? No?

This reminds me of that scene from Step Brothers: NSFW (at the end). XD

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Only when I’m in the shower

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I hover in public restrooms. Standing upright makes a mess.

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Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit is going to see this thread and get busy making a female to male adapter for times like these. Ron Popeil, you watching this?

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Never. I have literally zero desire to go camping, and I’m pretty good at squatting, so I have no interest in learning the finger method.

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@MyNewtBoobs – I volunteer my finger :-p

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@HungryGuy Lol thanks, but water sports aren’t really my cup of tea ;)

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Never. If I was meant to go that way then I would have been born with a hose.

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@fundevogel That is so cool is there a vid on how it works. Cause I really need to see it demonstrated. It’s important. My wife is thrilled with this news.

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You have to have no panties on to stand up. No panties and a skirt. You would have to be able to strattle the seat practically, wouldn’t you? Get right above it. And then still, many women have a hard time making a straight stream, could get pretty messy.

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@woodcutter I have mixed feelings about it. It could be worthwhile on a camping trip, but I can’t imagine just toting a pee-funnel around in my purse.

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I tried pissing in a bottle once. That didn’t work all that good.

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I didn’t feel like sticking the bottle on my skin, so I tried to aim it in lol. I ended the session with trying to piss out the window because it wouldn’t go in the bottle much at all. Stupid story lol. I lived in a rooming house, and it was late at night, and some drunk bastard kept knocking at my door and wanting me to let him in. He stopped after a while, but I was too scared to get out of my room, and I really had to pee.

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@Symbeline – Ah yes, I remember living in a rooming house when I got my first job.

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A lot of them are pretty terrible. And not having your own bathroom sucks.

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