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IPhone users: quick scrolling to bottom?

Asked by dithibodeaux (108points) May 7th, 2008 from iPhone

Is there a quick way to scroll to the bottom of a site (like the way you can quickly get back to the top by touching near the signal bars or battery)?

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no, but I hope this is something that is added with the looming update. It would be awesome on fluther!

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I don’t think so, but thanks to this Q I just checked my phone and found out my EDGE problem has been fixed :)

If I were to guess as to the logic behind only being able to fast scroll up, it’s that you’re going back when you go to the top, whereas you’re making your way forward going down the page….

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I think it would be great if you could place your index finger on the screen, then flick either up or down with you of middle finger to “jump” to the top or bottom.

There’s a million little no brained things like this that I would love to see on the iPhone.

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OMFG! I had no idea you could jump to the top with that trick. That’s great. I agree, a jump to the bottom would be useful.

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How did u know how to do that? I just learned after ur post. Feel like I am missing out on so much functionality.

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I listen to all kinds of podcasts to learn about all the functions. So did you lurve that tip?

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Yes, actually there is one. You have to download a free appilication from cydia. Just go to the search part and type in” scroll” I use it and it’s great.

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