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How old were you when you realized your teeth weren't indestructible?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30553points) September 13th, 2011

Some people have accidents as children that knock out some teeth. To some, it happens in adolescence, and to others, it happens when they’re in their early adult years.

I’m middle-aged and have in the last couple of years had a series of dental mishaps.

When did it dawn on you that teeth weren’t permanent?

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15… at a baseball game.

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Mine was a result of an industrial accident at a young age, something that all the king’s men couldn’t put together again and it’s been down hill ever since.

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Shhhhhh! Say it too loudly and it might become true!

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First was when I was a teen, riding a balky, head tossing horse without a martingale. Didn’t knock out my front teeth but damaged them. Many years later a big head tossing dog finished the job. Seems as if I have spent half my life in the dentist chair and it still freaks me out! I was just at the endodontist today and nearly had to take a Xanax (the ones I only take when I fly!) but I managed to survive drug free!

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I was a kid .. around 6 or 7 when my first tooth fall out. It had a small cavity. Then someone explained that small cavity grows and destroys the tooth.

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When I scratched one of my two front ones with a bobby pin that had lost its protective coating from the tip. I was about 12 and pretty unprepared for how long term that error would smile along with me.

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I slipped in the tub when I was almost 2 and blasted out a front tooth and I remember the massive root dangling from the top of my gum. Soon after I slipped and planted my mouth on the corner of my moms dresser and to this day there is that distinct impressing of my teeth sans the front tooth. It wasn’t till I was 12 that my front tooth came in…I was the toothless wonder for most of my childhood!

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The age I am at now. :-(

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Oh, surely you jest, I learned this quite young, around age 7.
I went through a phase, got hit in the mouth with a softball, cracked my teeth into the edge of a pool while swimming and fell down our back stairs and chipped a tooth, all in one summer. Had a root canal at age 8.

Fortunetely I grew up with nice teeth and a nice smile, but, it was a rocky start during my tomboy years.

Heh..speaking of teeth, just got my reminder card in the mail for an appt. on the 28th )
Smile! :-D

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My early 20’s. I once held a quarter between my teeth while scrounging in my bag for more change to buy a soda and crunch, one of my front teeth chipped away along the edge. That tooth continued to chip away and then the other next to it since they were no longer equal length and smooth. I found out I just have thin edged silly teeth and get to have occasional bondings and eventually veneers or whatever.

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Pain, lots of pain when I was 10. Then the trip to the dentist where even though local anesthesia was injected, she had a hard time taking it off that I imagine her now standing with her feet on the armrests, bending, pulling hard my tooth and my entire head along with it. That was my first life trauma.

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5. My little brother punched me in the face. I was probably being an asshole to him.

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Teeth have always freaked me out. I think that by the time I was old enough to know to put my teeth under my pillow for the tooth fairy. I knew that the new ones wouldn’t be able to grow back in if they fell out. I also distinctly remember many conversations with older people as a child about wisdom teeth. Mine still haven’t grown in and I’m still as apprehensive about them as I was when I was 6.

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I was three when i bit down on a jaw breaker and heard my teeth cracked… I got money the next day!! Lol!!! ^-^

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