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Why do I get so depressed right before my period ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) September 13th, 2011

About one week (or fewer) before I get my period, I get really depressed, almost to the point of being suicidal. I become really depressed. One day I’ll be totally amorous, horny, happy, and in euphoria and the next day I’ll be suicidal. I hate feeling this way before I get my period. All I want to do is lock myself up and not talk to anymore. I know it’s because of my hormones and all, but I was wondering how I can stop this ? I feel like I’m bipolar when I’m on it.

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You need to make an appointment with your doctor and talk to him/her about PMDD.

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Everyone experiences mood swings around their period, because of hormone fluctuation, but yours sounds extreme.

Talk to your gynecologist (preferably a woman).

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Yes everyone has the mood swings just before, its the sudden drop in progesterone that does it. I know I don’t get depressed but I am just someone you don’t want to cross on at the time of the month because I will likely tell you off, the problem is when my period starts and I come to my senses and feel really bad about everything but sometimes you just can’t take back things that come out. I am not normally like that except with in a few days prior to beginning.

Depression can end up in a place where you can harm yourself, I would take @syz and @marinelife advice and talk to your gyno they have things they can prescribe for depression.

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You might want to try going on the pill. Some studies have shown that some versions of it can help with mood problems like the ones you’re describing (see here, here, and here).

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I agree about looking into PMDD. I was diagnosed with it last year when my mood swings became more than I could handle every month. I just wanted to lock myself away and not talk to anyone! Describing it as feeling “bipolar” is definitely something more than just straight PMS. There is a lot they can do for it, both medication and birth control.

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If you happen to have insurance, make the appointment. Before going, however, I would research options on the internet. Talk to you doctor about them when you see him or her. Ultimately you will be responsible for going with the options you choose. Never go with anything you do not trust. Read books by qualified people such as doctors and nurses (researched options).

Another option to consider is to make a list of what you will do before, during and maybe after your period to minimize your depression. You may want to keep a diary for any changes you notice in your moods, what you’re eating, how much sleep you’re getting, etc., before, during and after your period. List things relevant to you. Make another list of what you need less of and what you need more of during your period (i.e., less annoying people, more sunlight) as well as ways to get around problems that might come up.

Some reasons we may be angry, cranky, and depressed during our period is that the body may not be receiving the rest, diet and proper exercise it needs. Fresh air is vital as well as being outdoors in a relaxing setting. Educate yourself on this. A tip for diet, the idea is not to go cold turkey on what you’re eating already but just minimize what makes symptoms worse, such as salt and sugar.

In addition, there are stressors in our lives that may appear to be compounded during our cycles. In any case, look into getting those resolved as much as possible before your next period. If you can buy it or find it at a library, I recommend the book “Taking Back the Month” by Diana Taylor, Ph.D., R.N. and Stacey Colino. I am learning a lot about this as well and so offer what I’ve learned so far. I hope this helps.

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Because of changes of hormone before having a period. That can affect on you mood.

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