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Who will win American Idol?

Asked by landlord (6points) May 7th, 2008

This season

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David Archuleta, although I love Syesha Mercado. David A. Sings beautifuly but does not have the star quality of Syesha IMO.

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I want David Cook to win, even though I’m sure David A. will win just because everyone likes him. Sure he can sing, but as ladytmerie said I don’t think he has the star quality. I believe Syesha should be the runner up.

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I would like David Cook to win if Syesha dosent, he has a nice voice and a rocker hasn’t won yet.

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Almost got me judo, almost got me… Do you really think I’d click that link?

I don’t watch AI too much, but I like David Cook’s style the best. Syesha is too Broadway and IMO David Archuleta sounds too much like the annoying pop bands.

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I like David A until he starts talking. I hope David C wins

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I predict the winners name will be… David!


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