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When will the iphone allow us to copy and paste?

Asked by opb (44points) May 7th, 2008

I gather a software upgrade is in the works – will it be free?

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Ha! If you own an iPhone you will have it for free. I own an iPod Touch so I am sure I will have to pay for it. I just wish it’s not a $20 upgrade this time.

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No you won’t have to pay for it. But there are rumors about it and there was a patent filed by apple about copy and pasting.

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I hope it come with the new OS in June!

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There is already a bookmarklet that let’s you copy and paste. Its a little limited but does work.

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I love my iPhone.

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there are many web-based bookmarklets that let you do it in a limited way, such as just in one app—and there is full, flexible c&p for most apps via the free Clippy app for jailbroken iphones—more info about both if you google…

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