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What would you believe is a senseless way for you to die?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) September 18th, 2011

A friend, mentioned today, how a person one of his friends knew had a neighbor who was shot in the head in a botched robbery. He was mowing his front lawn while wearing his gold chain. Three thugs came up to rob him of it. The details are not clear, but what was clear, was the man was shot pointblank in the head, and was dead basically before he dropped to the grass. The thugs stole the chain off his neck, and ran off with his wallet. It seemed rather senseless that he died because some greedy people wanted his gold that bad, and on his own front lawn too. What would you say would be a senseless way for you to die?

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My chain is actually painted steel, so the joke’s on them.

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I think anything other than dying of old age or dying of a disease (disease at any age that there is no cure for) is senseless.

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The victim of a crime as mentioned in your story, or doing daredevil stunts. When someone is killed BASE jumping a part of me thinks “what an asshole…was asking for it doing dangerous shit like that”.

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Crushed to death by a small fluffy bag of feathers.

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Anything highly preventable.

I had a near death experience at age 17 because I had sepsis and didn’t know it, I just knew I felt really crummy. But it was the end of the school year and state mandated testing was happening, so despite the fact that my parents very badly wanted to take me to a hospital, I made them let me go to school to take my test first. 24 hours after my test I was in the hospital in septic shock and I nearly died, and would have if I had not already been at the hospital at the time that I went into shock. If I had gone into shock one day earlier I would have died at my high school because of a fucking regents exam and my messed up priorities. That would have been senseless, and I’m thankful every day that it didn’t happen because my parents would never forgive themselves.

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While answering questions on Fluther.

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*drags plastic bag out door with penguin foot sticking out *

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Dying of an infected tooth in the richest country in the world, because there wasn’t a way to get the antibiotics you needed. Seriously. Especially if he’s a child.

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@laureth That is awful and ridiculous. :(

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There have been so many ‘stupid’ deaths, follow this link to see some which, frankly, are really, really funny. I think a ‘senseless death’, is probably alone, without pathos or humour. Enjoy.

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Driven to suicide due to aggravation from my next to impossible mother.

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Well, there are a thousand ways to die, one just never knows.
Being a crime victim is the most senseless I suppose, but then again, we all have to die of something.

Not everyone is going to die in their sleep peacefully at 98. lol

Just the other day, my neighbors were at the Reno air races a few hours from our area, and they left just before the last and fateful race. Had they stayed, as they usually do for every race, they would have been literally, right in that area where the plane hit the box seats!

Fate steps in….one of the mysteries of life.

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Committing suicide would be a completely senseless way for me to die.

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@Hypocrisy_Central: I enjoy often your central thesis (the topic question) but no longer read the details because you use too concrete and specific an example, which I find distracting and unnecessary.

Like the cheese, the question stands alone.

No death is senseless; it comes to us all one way or another. Stroke at 95, caught in an avalanche at 35, leukemia at 5, who can say which is worse? In fifty years we’ll all be dust.

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@XOIIO Just caught that. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!!

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Falling off the roof while fastening a string of Christmas lights to the house.

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Involuntarily saving Miley Cyrus her life by standing right between her and an assasin and getting shot in her place. That would be senseless and unfair.

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Being patronised to death by an elderly spinster named Beryl.

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Choking to death on beer.

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In a DWI, whilst taking the life of innocents.

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Choking to death on a mulitvitamin. Cuz that’s just ironic y’all

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*walks in * “Hey guys” *Throws ciken leg into garbage can *

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Not you again!

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After fighting wonderfully and valiantly against a major condition in hosptial to lose my life to superbug.

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