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Is it OK to wake up and eat breakfast, but then go back to sleep for, say, 3-4 more hours? Is this unhealthy?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) May 8th, 2008
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Sounds mostly lazy…..why would you eat to sleep?

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I don’t know but I do it sometimes. The weirdest thing happened to me a few days ago. I woke up extremely early craving something sweet. Still basically asleep I grabbed a bowl of cereal, ate it in my bed and crashed for a few hours. The funny thing is that I don’t normally like sweets, also I was hardly awake at all. I can’t believe I ate anything in that state.

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peedub…...are you my mum? She has a thing about never eating sweets during the day, but always does when she wakes up in the middle of the night…..

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I often wonder the same thing…

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I wouldn’t say it’s unhealthy. Unless you’re also inactive the rest of the day, eat a full lunch and dinner and don’t exercise. Where do the calories go? If you run around working and handling day-to-day chores I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Although… alot of your day is already gone when you get up. You know what… forget what I just said. Get your ass up and be productive. Work it off. :D

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No, it’s not. I sorta do the same thing, minus the food because I have a weird work schedule.

I go to sleep about 2 – 2:30 am, wake up at 6:30 and go back to sleep about 8am once my son is off thschool and I’ve let the dogs out and fed them. I then usually sleep until about noon.

Sometimes I’ll have a snack before going back to bed, but it’s not my norm. If I do then it’s not as hard getting up at noon, and I find I’m not as tired.

I don’t always have a snack the morning because it requires more effort to fix something and then eat it, than to just go back to bed. In terms of health, I would say as long as you’re brushing your teeth you should be OK unless you’re eating a very large meal.

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I would say it is unhealthy. Those calories go to storage instead of being used. You need to get up and moving. Exercising in the morning after breakfast boost matabalism and that is healthy.

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@JonnyCeltics… I do this.
I wake up really alert around 5–6am, have a really productive slice of time (this is when I get my best ideas; it’s a great time for writing) and then (assuming no other morning commitments/pressing work) I go back to sleep.
Sometimes I do breakfast in between; sometimes I do tai chi before breakfast, and then I go back to sleep.

I don’t think it is lazy, it is what my body seems to want to do.
And if the breakfast isn’t heavy, sleep is fine.

By the way, I’ve often wondered… why does the body want to sleep after meal if it is (supposedly) bad for it? I mean, that’s what my dog does, that’s what my body seems to want to do… and I know that if I eat a lot at night I can’t sleep so I think actually my body does have a clue about what it wants… so maybe the food coma after lunch is a sign that the body really does want to rest?

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Do you have a good reason to get up?

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I guess its more of a personal call but I do that all the time.

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Not enough information – how old are you, do you work, do you exercise?

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