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Do you know anyone who has recieved a big cash settlement for an injury, but is not really disabled or hurt badly?

Asked by pattyb (786points) May 8th, 2008 from iPhone

I have a relative who injured her knee at work, sued, and got like $300,000. Yet I just saw her at a wedding danceing up a storm.

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Indeed I do. A friend of mine accidentally backed up into a car and broke the tail light. There were 2 passengers in the car he hit and they sued his insurance company and eventually got 50 or 60 thousand dollars because they “proved” they had back and neck problems, were out of work because of it, etc.

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Not a friend of mine but I know someone who got I think 20 thousand for falling out of a window and injuring his head.. It happened when he was younger so he didn’t get it until he turned 18

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i know a man called Crackhead Joe that used to be my neighbor. He has a mentally challenged girlfriend and one time he took her downtown and made her stand behind a delivery van and fake an accident. She got a settlement and he had a 4day $6000 crack party. I think he did stuff like that regularly.

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