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Have you ever been sued?

Asked by Knotmyday (7516points) December 10th, 2008

I might be getting sued over something frivolous soon…feel free to share.

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No, by the grace of God.

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Isn’t divorce suing?

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You are right. In that case. I have sued for divorce once.

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Yes I have been sued. I was fortunate though, it was after a car accident and the insurance company pretty much took care of the whole thing. I did have to go in and give a statement – with the other party in the room. That made me furious because she was telling outright lies. I told the attorney representing the insurance company and she didn’t seem to care at all. The whole ordeal left a nasty taste in my mouth because the person who sued me milked the system for a free payday.

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Nope. Thank goodness!

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When we owned a resturant a customer tried to sue us after she fell off her chair. The day it happened, we called later to see if she was ok and her room mate told us she was out dancing. When her lawyer heard that, he dropped the case.
Another time while working for local government, an employee tried to sue for harrassment and a few other things. At the time he was being investigated for workman’s comp fraud. When the investigator showed up in court with video of him doing all sorts of strenous activities with his ‘injured back’ he dropped the harrasment and other charges….

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No, but within the next year ill be suing someone for the first time. (car accident)

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No. <Knocks on wood>

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Twice. Once for divorce. Once for age discrimination. Fat old fart beat me in that case. Ooops.

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No. I guess I’ll knock on wood, also augustlan. knock on granite damn

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