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How do you deal with racist people?

Asked by Londongirl (1880points) September 20th, 2011

So I have some feelings even in cyber space some people do have some attitude towards people not their own culture, if you come across them, how do you deal with their ignorance?

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Usually by pointing out that flaws or assumptions can be made on every culture. There is no perfect culture. Anyone who spends time getting to actually know their own history will often find things not to be proud of and all their former massive mistakes came about because of ignorance and greed.

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Ignore them, for they are an ever decreasing irrelevant minority in today’s world, bit like white dog shite!

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I would pull off their pointy white hoods and throw them in the mud…—that’ll teach ‘em—-

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The last idiot I met I just called him out. I told him he was a fucking racist and the guy he was referring to was my friend. You’d be surprised how fast one racist backs down. Groups might be more of a problem.

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I don’t usually.
It does provide a nice reminder, however, to consider any prejudices I might still be clinging to.

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I say something about their expressed racism. Then I ignore them.

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I don’t deal with racist people, they deal with me.

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@Londongirl You have been asked if you speak English as your first language because of confusing posts. No one is being racist. They are asking you questions in regards to your questions and your posts.

You keep asking the same type of question over and over. Jellies answer. Jellies are trying to asist. As soon as someone asks you how you could possibly be contributing to your own problems, you either ignore them, or you call them a “girl”, a “racist” or you begin to call them “psychologists or therapists” practicing on you.

You are asking the questions. We are giving our responses. That is how Fluther works.

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I didn’t realize that this question had a “history”. For the record, I went back and skimmed through the thread. I don’t see any racism there. Note: I was also under the impression that English was not your first language.

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How could asking someone if English is not their native language be considered racist? It might be considered “linguist” but that is all.

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Oh @janbb You finicky linguist you!~

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I don’t.

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I just let them act how they want to act. I ask them nicely but when i see they ignore my requests then I just let them be.

This is a classic !! ^^

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Ignore them. A lot of racists are just trying to get attention. Don’t feed the racist, and s/he will go away.

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Like many of the answers here, just fuck em.

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@SpatzieLover When I saw your link I thought for sure it was going to be one of my posts. I asked Londongirl whether or not English was her first language about a month ago. Interesting that that question continues to pop up.

To her credit her typing has improved since she joined.

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Thank you for your suggestions about how to deal with racist people!!! :)

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Time to reinvent yourself now ^^


You deal with them by being smarter than they are, getting ahead of them in school and becoming successful. In that way, there’s no need to bother with these “riff-raff”.

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@Hibernate True I like reinventing myself!!!

@MRSHINYSHOES Very true!!!

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I put them in a big slingshot and hurl them into the sun.

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@HungryGuy yeah me kinda thinking too…

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I haven’t experienced a blatant example of racism in quite awhile, yet there still seems to be daily cases of it in a passive manner. In either case, it doesn’t bode well with me, and I call it out as gently as possible.

For example, there is no need to say, “I went to the store today, and a nice white/black person helped me find what I needed.” My response is, “That is nice. So what does being white/black have to do with it? I’m confused.” It may not change the thought process, but it opens up the conversation about not using skin color as a descriptive when it isn’t necessary.

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