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What's your favorite makeup product?

Asked by SatouKimu (121points) September 21st, 2011

I’m a youtuber and blogger, and I want to review some stuff! Tell me your favorite product, and tell me why. Thanks :D
(Hoping I can get all this stuff in Hong Kong)

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este lauder, they have some wonderful make up and also different creams as well

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I’ve used their… mascaras before? I didn’t like that very much, but I’ll try their creams out! Thanks :)

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MAC <33333 they have great products, that work really well. They have a wide variety of colors and such… they’re my all time favorite….

for foundation though I love bare minerals.

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Lancome Definicils mascara first with Hypnose layered on top.

MAC lipglosses.

Chanel Lipstick.

Cake eyeliner.

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I am a huge fan of Mary Kay. I’ve recently started using their brown/black mascara and it is the only mascara I’ve used that doesn’t get all crusty and flake off at the end of the day. I’ve also started using their make up remover and this stuff is amazing. I am also a big fan of their lipsticks and lip gloss. Good luck with your blogging and welcome to fluther!

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Make-up was given up several years ago, and it has been liberating to go natural. The only one that I still hold on to for special occasions is Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess. It’s a blush that adds just a bit of color to the cheek bones.

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Urban Decay primer, and their eyeliners are gorgeous. Este Lauder gloss.

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My homemade body oil.

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Hi all xD
I’ve actually been using Majorca Majolica’s lash expander frame plus mascara and it’s so good that I’ve been…. reluctant to try out anything else.
It’s hard to get Urban decay in Hong Kong, but I’ll try.

I do love MAC’s eyeliner and eyeshadows and lip products xD

I don’t actually know Mary Kay! Thanks for the rec :)

as for…. homemade body oil. are you trolling me? xDD

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My all time favourite make up item is Body Shop’s Born Lippy Lip Balm.

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Wow. The Body Shop website really sucks. It hurts my eyes to try and shop.

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I love e.l.f.‘s eyeliners and they’re so cheap. All of them but the pencil kind (I hate pencil eyeliner as a general rule); the liquid one, the marker one, and the gel one (in the little pot) are fantastic.

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Coty air spun loose powder. It’s like photoshop for your face. It glides on smoothly and covers over a multitude of sins. And, best of all, a 2 oz. jar only costs $6.

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