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Is there a manly way to eat a popsicle?

Asked by goulddj (23points) May 8th, 2008

I think not.

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In doubt it. Unless you like to look like you’re performing felatio in public.

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Bite it off in one quick stroke then assume a stoic pose showing your imperviousness to the ensuing torturous brain freeze.

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eat it from the side, not from the top.

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I agree with reed. Quick bites, but if it’s warm out and it’s melting quickly… you’re back to looking not-so-manly.

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Just belch after each bite and/or lick…’ll be so manly and impressive..

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Get it in a headlock first.

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In short. No. However if you do find yourself in such an awkward Popsicle eating situation, you could always follow suit of these rather manly gentlemen.

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hack it in pieces with a big knife then stab each piece and eat it off the knife.

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Bite it from the side of your mouth with your molars and make like you’re snapping into a Slim Jim.

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Better yet… get one of those two-stick popsicles and lick it right in the middle at the crease.

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Dress up like Chuck Norris, now you’ll not only look like a man while eating your popsicle but you’ll also improve your round house kick!

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Chomp,chomp,chomp. Like that.

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I never thought of popsicles as being gender specific!

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All tongue

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bite with gusto, smack your lips, and grab your balls…that should silence any questioners.

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I know that this is more of a “funny” type question, but I’d like to point out that there is nothing un-manly about looking like you’re performing fellatio. I know lots of men who are manly and suck lots of c+ck.

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Yes but do you want to do it public

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