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How can I make my own Tumblr Theme?

Asked by AlexZandi (25points) August 13th, 2008

Okay so this is probably going to be the last Tumblr question I ask but is there a place were I can learn how to make my own Tumblr Theme? I’m very good with Photoshop it’s just I dont know how to make it into a theme or layout. Can someone please help me.

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I dont understand. Were can I edit the graphics and stuff. I dont know code

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Well if you don’t know code, you really cannot make your Tumblr theme. You need to be able to edit CSS to at least make the slightest changes to a tumblr theme.

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Sadly, there is not a way to create a totally unique Tumblr theme without knowing a little CSS and how to recognize a database query. Tumblr is awesome, but it took some digging into the stylesheet to even get past the basics. CSS is actually pretty simple to understand. Think of it as adding design to boring text. The text needs a Cascading Style Sheet in order to make it look nice. Each element will have its own style. A heading may want to be LARGE and BLUE! Body Text may want to be in a box that is yellow with brown border. That box may need to be in the center of the webpage. All of these “stylistic” elements are defined by a CSS code. It took some time for this concept to “click” in my brain. Once it did, I got 85% of the “ah HA!” that I needed. My metaphor is like this: a playscript is the content (the text) and the actors are there to give it style. CSS tells the actor (the web browser) how to act.

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Thanks but since im very impatient I was wondering if I could give someone my layout code then tell them were to put the graphics. Like I know how to make the graphics. The middle is very thin. Theres a header of a post and a footer, I think thats what it’s called. I don’t want to learn CSS :( Is their anyone willing to help me make my layout. It would be extremely appreciated. Thanks. If you want to contact me I have Gmail, Msn, Yahoo, Jabber, whatever their is. If you want to check out my blog its Thanks

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is there a website that just generates codes for your tumblr theme? please email me when you know one… thx!

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i dont know anything about this….

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Here you go.
I made a username on this just to send you this
It has the directions to insert your own background.

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