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What sort of fun can you have when you're broke as a joke?

Asked by Jude (32144points) September 23rd, 2011

Money will be tight for my partner and I for awhile. What sort of things can we do?

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Oh Jesus—the only thing I need to have fun with a partner is a bed. Not even, really. Any surface will do. But a bed is a bit more comfortable. ;-)

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my thoughts exactly…...just don’t get pregnant because that could be costly….

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Take advantage of promotional offers. For example, at this very moment I’m on hold with Lego customer service, trying to score free tickets to the new Legoland park. (they’re $130 each!)

The internet is your friend.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Legos fucking hurt…..I had to hide them from my kid and ban everyone from gifting them because I was sick of stepping on the pointy little bastards….good idea on promotional offers though.

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No chance of getting prego here. Unless, we have a turkey baster and some splooge on hand. Okay, so, sex is a big option.

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I am a big fan of reading. And of course I get new books from the library. Many libraries also offer free movie nights.

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Lmfao “turkey baster and some splooge”.

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@snowberry I love reading, too. I looking for things to do as a couple, though. :)

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@Jude Write stories together or for each other. Whatever subject you want.
Second thought, try putting together a few children’s books.

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My girl is reading this thread, as well. :)

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A walk in the woods is free, healthy, and a ton of fun (in my opinion).

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I get wonderful DVD’s from my little library, even though our local movie theatre is still only $5..00 per.

Anything relating to sports; biking, hiking, roller blading, strolling, museums, window shopping, birding, gardening, getting wonderful items for your apartments on Freecycle., selling stuff on Craig’s List, hanging out.

Around here there are dozens of week-end activities with no fees. Viz:

Local art galleries
Local musical events
Local apple or berry picking

(psst. for my partner and me)

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Free dance lessons. Free yoga lessons. Sex. Free poetry readings, etc.

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Massage – make it spa-like with all the accessories.

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Volunteering somewhere is another option. SPCA or Animal shelter, nursing home or hospital if you’re up for that, tutoring, there’s a lot of different places looking for help.

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Cook together. You have to eat anyway, you can cook some pretty fabulous food with not much money and have a good damned time doing it.

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Create new rituals/themes: afternoon tea, card games and cocktails, home video skits with animals to share with friends & family, an evening sleeping under the stars maybe up on your roof or balcony if you have one. Overnights at nearby camping spots. Research things to do locally for under a particular dollar amount, at some point a local magazine or newspaper compiled a list you can probably get a googlie hit on. See if your city or town has a monthly “gallery night” where all the galleries and local stores stay open late and put out complimentary appetizers and drinks. Check if your local J.C. has reasonably priced art classes or a study course you’d both be interested in and can attend during your together visits.

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House parties.

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Find a new hobby or restart your neglected hobbies. Is there a guitar gathering dust in a corner of a room? Do you have some paints sitting in the basement? Have you been meaning to take up yoga? Do you have a digital camera? How about photography?

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Do you guys live in an urban place? Many cities have a gallery walk or gallery opening night once a month. Galleries stay open late, there’s often music, and they have free snacks. They’re usually called something like First Fridays. Poetry readings and open mic nights are also a lot of fun and usually free. And it’s not too late in the season for free concerts. If you have an alternative newspaper, that’s a great place to find listings of free events.

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Go for long walks and pick somewhere different to go each time. Take a cycle ride if you have bicycles and the weather is fine. Call in to your local library and read a magazine or find a good book. You can also check out local events. Visit your local museums and galleries. Organise a game of cards at night and invite the neighbours. Maybe try a board game such as Risk. Start a diary. Make soup and choose nice cheap bread to go with it. Begin listening to the radio. You can get BBC Radio 4 through the Internet.

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Cozy Time w/popcorn & a movie on the sofa
Sell your extra stuff on eBay to get some extra spending $$$

We buy memberships to our local museums/places to go so that we can “afford” to go when funds are tight. There are often “free” days/nights at our zoo, museum, and art musems,too.

This time of year, we like to go for hikes and drives to take in the colors & smells of the season. We also go apple picking, and bake apple pies. YUM!

Enjoy your weekend ladies!

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If you like to cook, check out this website (and find others) for Cooking on A Budget Or go through your cupboards and organize things, then go online and find some recipes that utilize what you’ve already got.

Make a list of 10 walking friendly places that you would like to visit, that you either have never been or haven’t been in a long time. Lakes, streams and ponds are always my favorite places, and of course any kind of forested area.

If you have a camera, start making really good use of it. Is there a subject that pleases you? Maybe it’s landscapes, flowers, patterns in nature or architecture, alleyways, mushrooms, insects, stuff you find on the ground, whatever, then start photographing.

Most museums have a free day, once a month, and if the museums are near each other, they will likely have the free day for each one, be on a separate day (so you’ll come back).

Start clipping coupons, and only clip coupons for stuff you actually use, then organize them according to due date and type of product. And check your the coupons and ads and free entertainment mags for half price restaurant coupons.

The free entertainment guides will also list all sorts of things from free outdoor movies, to chili cookoffs to organ concerts and kid’s dance recitals and plays. Sometimes there are free outdoor, holiday related band concerts and crafts fairs, and sometimes you can get into some of the holiday events for the cost of a donated can of food, like the ice rink or a holiday music production, or sporting event. Find out if there will be any Fall Festival or Halloween Carnivals in your area, those are usually free and fun for people watching, and you might just be able to afford to buy a brownie or a piece of fudge : )

This might be something that is only fun for me and my best friend, but we like to go down to our local Asian grocery store (with a camera) and take pictures and notes of the names of the produce, then we go home and look up recipes online to make with all of the nifty things we find. We’re both photographers and cooks, so this activity kills two birds with one stone. I have some of the lovliest photos of produce now!

The local library almost always has some kind of free activity going on, whether it’s a movie, a lecture, a class or a concert. Check their schedule.

Start early on making some homemade Christmas cards and/or decorations. I love to make potato prints! Maybe go leaf hunting and then dry the leaves.

Some fabric or yarn stores hold free sewing and knitting classes.

Learn to give really good, stress busting Facial Massages and Foot Massages to each other.

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Go to parks or trails outdoors and hike.
Go to the library and get out books and videos.
Look for free community concerts or other events (in the newspaper).

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My mom and I use to go look at model homes when we had absolutely nothing to do (OC has a lot of very nice model homes) sounds stupid, but it’s actually kind of fun and it’s free to do, plus if you check inside the freezer sometimes they have bags of frozen cookie dough.

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@cheebdragon I thought my family was the only one who did that. I absolutely love looking at model homes. You can get so many wonderful interior design ideas from looking, especially for paint colors, furniture ideas and furniture placement. I always take a camera and then take pictures of things that suit my style.

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