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How good a school is Eugene Lang?

Asked by hamplebach (1points) May 8th, 2008

good= top faculty, high content curriculum

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I’m transferring this fall (the dual degree program with Parsons) so I visited a week or so ago, and I must say with the people I spoke with both students and faculty, I was highly impressed. I hear the work load can be intense but if you are dedicated, it really pays off. I’ve seen some of the writing and other work that students have produced and top notch is a very fitting word.

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One of my nieces started at Boston University but found that it was, indeed Big and Ugly. She transferred to Eugene Lang for the next three years and got a spectacular education. After getting a MA there also, she parleyed that into a very successful career in Conflict Mediation.

Her brother went to U. VT for HIS first year and then transferred to Parsons. He, too, has a big and successful career as a photographer and ad designer. He is now considered “famous” in his field at 35.


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