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A good way to clear your mind?

Asked by Thesilvertiger (264points) May 8th, 2008 from iPhone

What do u do to just relax?

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If the weather is nice I like to ride my bike down to the river and read.

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I don’t want to incriminate myself…...
; )

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Have a glass of red wine.
Take some deep breaths.
Paint or draw.

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put some headphones on and jam to your favorite song.

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1st choice = sex

2nd choice = snuggling with my husband & all the beasties

3rd choice= reading a really good book

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his is something i learnt at the Practical Philosophy Symposium. It helps you get away when you need among your everyday routine. You sit on something. Keep your body straight. Slowly concentrate on one object around you. Now try to feel your senses. Sense the air that you breathe and the noises that surrounds you. Feel the weight of your body against the chair listen for the air you exhale. Now slowly, try to stop naming things and keep staring at your object. Stare. Just stare. Don’t think – just stare . This can be a hard exercise but with practice you can learn to gain some control over your mind to trick your mind into “phasing out”

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I’m like johnpowell. I love to sit by the river. If I can’t get out, I pop in an Enya Cd. something about her music is very soothing to me. I Love Tea House Moon. It is also very soothing to listen to while I soak in a tub with lavender bath salts.

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Grab the ipod (or similar) and take a walk. Enjoy the sights while being distracted by what you like to listen to.

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I take a bath.

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Find a shady spot on or near the beach and listen to the surf.

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Find a spot to sit and watch the ocean…...failing that, a river, stream or lake will do. Just listen to the water and nature’s sounds.

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go to a local diner, order some coffee and toast and evesdrop on anyone you can.

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