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Who do you call to replace the front of a kitchen drawer?

Asked by GabrielsLamb (6176points) September 26th, 2011

I yanked too hard on my kitchen junk drawer and the front came off and when it did, I was so shocked I dropped it and it cracked in half. It’s white mica and particle board. Is it ruined forever or is there someplace I can call who will replace it inexpensively? Do they have this kind of thing at Home Depot?

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You might find something at a home store, but first you should try to find out what brand the cabinets are and if you can buy or order a replacement drawer front. If you can get one, then it will be a matter of you replacing it yourself, or if you aren’t handy that way, then finding someone who is. There are carpenters and handy-people who advertise their services.

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Thanks for answering. I cracked it off however, it is broken away from the drawer itself and then the face plate itself cracked in half. *I feel like such an idiot. Particle board is so flimsy! I’m attempting to glue it back and set it with liquid nails and then wood filler and then sand and paint but It wont ever fit the same again so… But thanks again, I appreciate it!

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You can honestly repair that yourself by doing an internet search. Save yourself the money.

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Thanks Blackberry… I’m trying, we will see how it looks when it is dry??? Wish me luck and thanks again!

*It’s times like these you wish you had a man… LOL

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(Flexes muscles)

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*And I have to tack on the added expense of a manicure… I have liquid nails all over my tips now… BOOOO! LOL

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Here’s a place that sells cabinet parts online:

And as @wilma wrote, you can find someone locally. If it’s plain formica, they are really simple to make.

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