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Need a gift for lady having twins?

Asked by Cardinal (2916points) May 8th, 2008

Looking for something unique for first time Mom going to have twins. She is a neighbor friend. she is in first trimester and already showing a lot!

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Pedicure/Manicure. Day spas have mother-to-be massages.

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Not unique, but what about a Diaper Service?

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Or volunteer an extra pair of hands after babies are born? She is going to need some help, food, shopping, cleaning, etc.

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The best gifts we received with our kids are diapers. This may sound boring….but the little buggers go through a lot of them.

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Get a sitting with a professional photographer once the kids are old enough (say 3 months). You can purchase the sitting, and give the gift. Your friend can then schedule it are her leasure.

No offense to the other suggestions, but diapers run out, while beautiful photos last a lifetime and your friend will always remember the gift.

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A case of diapers. We have twins and diapers are a fantastic gift and are deeply appreciated.

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Gift certificate for a pregnancy massage…twins? Double stretch = ouch

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If they are identical, buy shirts or onesies and go to a print shop and have their names printed on the front with the following:

I’m _________he’s/she’s (other twins name). Under or beside that have an arrow.

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Here is a fantastic gift- offer to come over for 2 hours a week for the first 6 weeks and help the new mom. This could allow her to take a nap or a relaxing bath or run errands.

You could save her sanity.
(coming from parent of twins)

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@olddog – I agree, I am a twin and spoke with my mom about this. That would be amazing. She said that everything times two and the household on top. EEP.

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matching clothes and two pairs of little booties (the shoes)!!!!

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ok so it’s not THAT original, but come on…who DOESN’T like matching baby outfits and little pairs of booties?!

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