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What finger food can I give my 8 month old instead of Cheerios?

Asked by lilakess (789points) November 30th, 2006
While Cheerios disolve well so she doesn't choke (she has no teeth), I don't really want to be giving her simple sugars, if possible. I've tried the "healthly version of Cheerios but they are too hard. I was thinking of peas maybe, but would love to hear suggestions.
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what about those crispy snap pea shaped chips? they are spongy and will dissolve.
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Banana slices
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Banana slices.
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Gerber makes all natural teething biscuits that disolve well. As does Earth's Best which is all organic.
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Arrow root cookies by Gerber. They also have puffs in different flavors. Sweet Potato, apple cinnamon, banana strawberry. It’s a change and they love them. I even snack on them at times. They are tasty. All these are in the baby food isle.

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