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Should I take my fancy stoller on the plane or buy a cheap umbrella stroller?

Asked by lilakess (789points) November 30th, 2006
The good thing about having the nice one with us is that it reclines and the baby can take naps, but I don't want it ruined by plane travel.
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I don't have a stroller - or a baby - but I travel a lot and I've seen lots and lots of fancy strollers on planes. If you are with a baby (with or without a stroller) they'll let you pre-board - that's go on the plane before the rest of the riff raff. They'll just check the stroller and stick it under the plane and give it back when you land. I haven't ever seen a really damaged one come back up after a flight...
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I would take a umbrella stroller, unless your fancy stroller is super lightweight.

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