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Why do I feel extreme guilt sometimes for nothing?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) September 26th, 2011

I don’t know why, but sometimes I feel extremely guilty within myself. I feel dirty, dumb, a nobody, hopeless, and like I’m crazy. I feel like I’m a burden to people, especially when people help me out. Like if I’m with my family or people, I will feel like a burden, and they don’t want me. I’ve never had a birthday party because I feel I’m not worth it. I don’t know where all this guilt comes from within myself. I feel dirty inside and like I need to pray for 5 hours to feel clean again… Anybody else go through this or know what this is ?

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It sounds like either hormones or just over thinking to me.

When I feel stuff like that I go work out or help someone in need. It does wonders to stop the mind from wandering and over analyzing stuff.

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Jewish or Catholic?

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I think everyone does. It’s like emotional cutting… It reminds us we can still feel and they haven’t yet won.

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You sound a bit depressed…. that is how I feel when I am depressed and it really sucks. I would recommend to talk to someone to help you work out those feelings

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It sounds like your self esteem needs some bolstering.
Part of our life journey is learning to change what we can and accepting the rest of who we are.

The good news?

You’re just a “normal” neurotic, not a sociopath. That counts for a whole helluva a lot! lol

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You must answer @everephebe ‘s question first in order to determine the answer.

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@partyrock I feel the exact same way. I grew up without all the “Thank yous, birthdays, gifts, and recognition” I get hurt too, but I just tell myself “Why do I need it?” and it usually cheers me up. Ask yourself that question, it might just help if not talk to someone about how you feel. Or talk to someone about it.

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I’m going to second depression. Please talk to someone about this.

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Could be a form of OCD. Check out stuff on scrupulosity. Really, it sounds like OCD – I would speak with a mental health professional ASAP.

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Could be emotional vulnerabilities created in the past.

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I think your definitly paranoid about a certain aspect of your personality that you particularly feel is a burden to others. We all have traits that can both be annoying for one person but at the same time refreshing for another. Always remember that what one person might not like about you is an aspect of you that another person appreciates.

No one is perfect, society is demanding, and a lot of people run away from their problems. Your guilt is very normal because your trying to deal with it. But i also think that certain aspects of your past are also probably very much alive in your mind and you just cant seem to forgive a part of yourself. That might friend is up to you to decide if you need seek futher help. Its causing you major anxiety. :)

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It is possible that you have been harshly criticized in your life several times and you took the hurtful words directed at you to heart and decided to believe that other people’s mean words about you must be true, or they wouldn’t have said them. If this is the case, it may be a good idea to do whatever you can to fix the damage that has been caused and get your power back.

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