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Will listening to led zeppelin harm my soul?

Asked by keithbarbour (9points) May 8th, 2008
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Hahahahahahaha! Self fulfilling prophesies, little fishie.

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No, but it might give you a headache!

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Try the Chariot for a headache. Disjointed to say the least.

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If by harm you mean enhance, then yes.

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Harm your soul…...what does that mean?

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Theoretically we would not know the condition of a persons “soul” until evaluation after death so this question must be purely for philosophic discussion.

This being said I think “soul” damage from music would entirely depend on the person and the effect the music had on that person.

For instance Led Zeppelin would not in any way effect me but listening to Barry Manilow long enough could possibly drive me to commit homicide. Then that act of homicide would harm my “soul”.

Even in this scenerio the music was not what caused the damage but the ACTION inspired by the music.

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Hey mteutsch, I like the Chariot.

Anyways, do you think listening to them would harm your soul?

If you say yes, then my answer to the question is yes. If you say no, my answer to the question is no.

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oh Olddog…well you came, and you gave, without takin’...

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Better question.. Why do people keep asking dumb questions about led zeppelin?

But to answer your “question”... No

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“Dumb questions” is totally subjective, Fallstand…don’t like it, don’t answer, but why waste your time to hate?

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Only if you’re doin’ it right.

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Bron-y-saur Stomp (or something like that) will more than relenish whatever harm might have been done. Listen and enjoy without judgement and you’ll be glad you did.

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If you feel convicted about it, then yes.

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How exactly could music harm your soul?? (most) Music is pleasure – Led Zeppelin certainly is!

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The Chariot will not ruin your soul.

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No! Did someone tell you that it would?

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Only if you listen to it backwards:

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Actually, it will nourish and enhance your soul!

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Are you serious??? ‘cause this is hilarious… :D

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You know, someone may have told you that because of the aura surrounding Page and the occult.

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