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If there is a 10K mansion, is there also a 1k apartment complex? 5k duplex or condo?

Asked by Ela (6496points) September 27th, 2011

I need to know where to put my things ; )
Where do little jellies pop a squat?
Is there free cable and/or net?

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You can come in mine, but there’s no clothing allowed…...

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Sorry, at 1 k, you just get the street.
Then at 5k you get a cardboard box in the alley.
Then at 8 k, you get a tent under a bridge.
Then at 9 k you get a homeless shelter.
Then at 9.5 you get a regular home.

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1K is a sleeping bag, of which the inside is slippery like a Jellyfish.
5K is a tent.

Edit: My bad, @Pandora just reminded me that 8 K is a tent.

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I always travel light @Blackberry ; )

@Pandora @rebbel Going from a homeless shelter to a mansion in 1k could be quite a cultural shock… : ( (all the Ks inbtween are just harsh) LOL

Just found this take on it : )

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1K is a dog kennel
2K A dog kennel of your own without a dog
3K is a garden shed
4K A garden shed in a good neighbourhood.

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@flutherother Sounds better then the street with winter on it’s way! ; )

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I travel with a tent and sleeping bag.

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1k- A newspaper and a back alley.

5k- A shack.

I survive until 10k, then you get all the good stuff!

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tough crowd : (

I found a frizzer!

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Could you imagine giving accolades for 1K, 5K or 15K,...we’d be partying everyday all day. Just enjoy reaching 10K, and after that enjoy the long climb to 20K. Enjoy the lurve you get from each and every jelly.

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@EnchantingEla Gawd…..every time I see that thread I start laughing….

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Not looking for praise or a party @AmWiser. Just having a bit-o-fun : )
topiced under silly, small talk
Besides… you really cannot place stipulations on accolades, can you ?
That’s just wrong, imho.

LMAO @Blackberry Finding that made this silly question worth asking!

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@EnchantingEla At 1k, you get a trailer down by the river near the mansion estate. It’s a leaky and rusty 5th-wheel trailer with 3 flat tires but it keeps the bums out. You’re always welcome at the open beach bonfires.
I had meant to say “It keeps the bugs out” but the typo looks better.

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No. The mods don’t allow it. You’re homeless til 10k.

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Well congratulations for your first k ^^ Keep them coming.

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Sounds like the perfect place @Blueroses! A few doilies will spruce it right up, don’t you think?
Thanks @Hibernate !! This isn’t a party, though : ( unless the brownie person shows up… then I can’t say there won’t be any party-like activities take place ; )

hides from the Mods behind @Lightlyseared

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@Lightlyseared *Says… *OoOoOh… I get it now. Thanks!

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No. but there is a lovey watering hole….

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They’re lying! 10K Has nothing! They just stuck me in a 5×9 room and left me there, tehre are dozens of us! RUN WHILWEYOU CAN!

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Somebody check the dungeon. @XOIIO‘s mouth gag fell out.

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@XOIIO Oh sweety, Its called a shower stall. That why its kind of damp and small. The glass door is not a invisable force field. The chains are for your protection so you don’t slip and fall. Everybody else already went over to Blackberry’s mansion since they forgot their clothes.
@EnchantingEla Don’t worry,
@XOllO likes to kid around and gets a little confused at times.
@Blueroses Don’t worry, I’m on the damage control.

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@EnchantingEla as long as we are together and we can enjoy this time it’s all good. No need for a big party ^^

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Anyone below 10K is basically flotsam on top of the pond.
I jest of course, coz these numbers mean bugger all if truth be told.

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Until 5k, you’re a hooker drugged up, trapped in a crappy European brothel. At 5k you get to escape, and land yourself in a trailer park.

From this we can gleam that a certain Zen-ish jelly has no real desire to leave the brothel. Also, when you disappear, we assume that you got caught by your former pimp and sold to some Thai mofia as a sex toy persay and that’s why we don’t hear from you anymore.

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On the contrary, I am a street walker.

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