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Can someone explain Donnie Darko?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1391points) May 8th, 2008

Like I understand the plot and what happens, but anything that is an extra that is probably not noticed. Also some of things that Donnie says, and just for kicks, why don’t you say what you think it all means and how it actually works out.

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I can’t copy and paste because I am on my iphone, but if you search for Donne darko on wikipedia you’ll find a lot of interesting info,. ;)

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The universe becomes unstable and Donnie’s universe has 28:06:42:12 left.
The water (like when they show the city scene and the road is flooded) is because water is like a gateway for the universe. Sometimes metal artifacts come through those portals like the airplane part. The airplane engine crashing through his roof is a sign that the universe has changed. Also, Frank has a metal looking face and in parts of the movie is shown inside or behind a water-looking barrier.
Frank is a manipulated deceased who died in another dimension of the universe who can communicate with Donnie and is trying to help him set the universe straight.
Here is where I found this info.
Also, try this one.

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Frank was also Donnies sister, Elizabeths
boyfriend. Two franks. the living boyfriend and manipulated dead frank who appears to donnie.

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Is he schitzophrenic/psychotic because he’s seeing things or is he seeing things because he is schitzophrenic? Maybe schitzophrenia/psychosis isn’t a mental disorder but they are people able to see things but because we can’t see it too we tell them that they’re crazy. Just a random thought. But yeah there’s an official Donnie Darko website with some questions and challenges on there that you must complete before you can read the information and a lot has been written about it on the net, you just have to search. I am about to buy the 3 disc special edition with the theatrical release, directors cut and stacks of special features so I will get back to you once I’ve had a look :)

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Real Frank went on a beer run, drove by Donnie in his Trans-Am, and is touching his eye at the end of the movie.
Manipulated Dead Frank is the bunny.

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The film argues that for time travel to be possible, predetermination must take place. Time travel is a scientific theory and predetermination is a religious concept.

The two areas don’t tend to agree with eachother.

“I could lose my job.”

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well the director/writer Richard Kelly has often been lost for words when asked to explain the movie so it’s difficult to say what is right and what is wrong. It’s all about your interpretation….or something like that lol

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Yes, will3192. I just watched the special features which included an interview with Richard Kelly and he pretty much has no idea :P But I think a lot of people agree that Donnie has been chosen to save the world (from what I gather in the websites above). I hadn’t really thought about him specifically being a save the whole world guy but I guess I kinda thought in the back of my mind that in the end he knew he was living on borrowed time and he had to sacrifice himself to save grechen and the others by staying in his bed even though he knew the engine was coming.

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Wow, you guys have inspired me to watch this film yet again. Thanks :0)

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