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Do you have any stupid/ridiculous fast food stories?

Asked by chyna (39814points) September 28th, 2011

A co-worker went through McDonalds drive thru at lunch and waited in line for 18 minutes. When he finally got his food, his fries were cold. He went in to complain, and they said “it’s lunch hour, what do you expect?” Um, hot fries maybe? Do you have any fast food stupidity you want to share?

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My friend was once dared to eat five McDonald’s cheeseburgers. He managed to do it, too…

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I worked in an Orange Julius in the mall once. They laid off the Manager and put me in charge when I was like, 19, without supervision. I used to give away free OJ’s to any woman I found attractive who worked in the mall.

It became notorious in the mall. My boss laughed about it. Eventually we had to have Blonde Wednesday’s. Redhead Thursday, etc…

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All I can say is… Rootbeer hurts whilst flying from both nostrils. REALLY, really bad!

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I would’ve been there on Wednesdays.~

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worked at dunkin donuts, forever.
once at 5 30 am ish, biscuits werent finished thawing.
Man orders sausage biscuit, we relay the unfortunate news about
currently not having biscuits, however we can put the sausage
on an english muffin, bagel, flat bread, crossaint, or wrap-
and we are very sorry for this….


sir? I’m sorry but did you want that on something else or can we do anything else for you?

He answers. Pfff are you kidding . you dont have fucking biscuits? wow

I’m sorry sir- can we do anything else to accomidate you.

He answers: uhhhhh I want my fucking sausage biscuit. un fucking believable. wow.
this is fucking bullshit you are abunch of fucking idiots.

peels out of the drive-thru stares at us through the window, and calls ten minutes later to tell the boss that her staff is “fucking retarded, why don’t we have biscuits”
She stuck up for us by the way but damn.

Dude must have a real shitty life if he gets worked up so much over so little.

I have fast food stories for days.

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@chyna, that symbol means you are kidding. You absolutely would have been there on Wednesdays.

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Back in the day, Burger King was giving out free Dragon Ball Z (anime series) action figures with a purchased kid’s meal. One of em Junior Whopper sets or wtv. I went over there wanting to buy a kid meal in the hopes that my action figure would be Vegita. (my avatar, actually)

They didn’t even wanna sell me a kid’s meal, cuz I had no kids with me. What a buncha fucks.

I shoulda thrown my light up Gandalf mug at them. Those mugs they were giving out when the first and second Lord of the Rings movies came out. I had Gandalf and Aragorn.

But I was denied a Vegita. Fuck em!

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@Symbeline that’s really dumb…. I know lots of people who eat kids meals because the portions are more realistic anyway, not to mention you couldve had a kid in the vehicle or at your house that you were picking it up for? I dunno what they were thinking haha.

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ohhh. heres a good one.
had a friend who worked at a different dunkin.
They once took things in the back room and started slamming things and making a bunch of noise, told the customers the “raccoon was back” and they couldn’t serve anything because they didnt know if anything was contaminated…..Needless to say he only worked there for a couple of weeks.

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@boxer3 Yeah. I really don’t get why they didn’t want to sell it to me. When I asked why not, that’s the answer they gave me, you need to have kids with you. Wtf, is that some law?

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I order children’s meals sometimes. I can’t eat that much at one time.

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@Symbeline . That’s just plain dumb. who cares? ha.

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Burger King is one of em corporations that is so obviously responsible for breast cancer and terrorism, and they didn’t wanna sell me a meal that came with a plastic doll who’s character represents death and destruction and anger.

Sometimes I wonder where this world is going at, man. And I’m still sad about not getting a Vegita, after all these years. I mean I really did want it. That’s actually probably why I’m an alcoholic.

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hahahhahaaha, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you. If I find someone with one, I’ll snag it and mail it to you.

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When I worked at Arbys, we brought alcohol to keep in the refrigerator at night. We never got hammered, but we got buzzed and ate our own food. Haha.

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Not really fast food, more like a deli situation, but I’m sort of engaged in an ongoing war with The Customer over the chickens in the case that are just as good as the ones I just pulled from the ovens.
It makes no difference on the customer side of the equation – the birds are all fresh, all hot. But I work with a four-hour time limit, and when The Customer insists on getting the new chickens, it throws my schedule off. On really bad days, they’ll wipe out my latest stock, leaving the older stock to time out… leaving me chickenless.

All because I started telling people about the timestamp.

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24-hour McDonalds out of hamburgers. Honest.

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Does it matter that I am the stupid one rather than the fast food place? Up until the last year of my dad’s life, he died at 82, I don’t think I’d fast food more than a half dozen times in my adult life. I used to actually even have a drive-through phobia because once I tried it, and maybe it was just that their speaker was really bad, but I simply could not understand a single thing the person was saying; they seemed to be getting very frustrated with me and I was getting frustrated myself and so I just drove off. I thought I just couldn’t figure out how it worked.

But, in the last year of my dad’s life, I was living with him, I was having trouble getting him to eat things and he decided he wanted to eat Whoppers so I went out, and stopped at the nearest McDonald’s, I went inside, not the drive-through, and asked them for two cheese Whoppers and medium fries. Of course, they looked at me like I was nuts. I felt nuts! I felt like complete idiot. I actually knew the difference, I guess, between a McDonald’s and a Burger King, but it just didn’t register with me. That was more than a little embarrassing, I assure you. So, after the McDonald’s debacle, I drove down the street to the Burger King, and ordered two cheese Whoppers and medium fries, and if I didn’t feel like enough of an idiot alread, the kid behind the counter actually corrected me and asked me: “Do you mean you want two Whoppers with cheese and medium fries? ” WTF? Are you a robot? You can’t process my order if I say “cheese whopper” instead of “whopper with cheese?” Honestly, I feel so alienated from my own culture sometimes that I am often tempted to just fake a heavy accent and say “No English. I Kazakhstan.” when I find myself in these sorts of circumstances.

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I was sat just about to bite into a big fat juicy burger when I saw this wasp perched right there on the bun giving me the eyeball. I immediately tossed my delicious snack away, because i’m shit scared of being stung. Now that’s what I call fast food, it bounced off the next table, I got dirty looks….it was deserved :¬(

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@ucme Lol! That’s actually pretty scary.

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@Blackberry You got that right, for all that witnessed the sorry spectacle.

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@lillycoyote You just might get someone from Kazakhstan, you know. :D In the interests of giving the benefit of the doubt, the guy was probably making sure that you were both on the same burger-page, saving everybody grief later on.

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South of me is a city with a fair amount of crime, so the driveup windows are fairly small. A carload of people pull up afterhours demanding food. They were high on drugs and alcohol. When they didn’t get served a foootball player in the car tried to go after the kids inside, through the driveup window. He got completely stuck. His buddies push the rest of him out of the car and drive off. The kids got the plate number and they all got arrested. Goes in the what were they thinking file.

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@Adirondackwannabe oh man! that’s nuts.

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This is really mild but I was running a little late for work. I went through the drive through. They guy that was going to hand me my food took what seemed like 20 minutes very, very carefully folding the top of the bag two times, very precisely before handing it to me. This guy was ALWAYS SO SLOW. I lost it. I slammed into a a parking spot and went in and gave the manager hell.
It was the morning after Columbine, though, so that probably had more to so with me losing it than anything.

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On one of many Atlanta to Sarasota, FL runs I stopped at Krystal in the middle of the night.

The drive through line didn’t budge for a quarter hour. I’m trapped, can’t back out.

Finally, two girls leave their car and approach the one at the window and scream.

The driver had passed out while waiting for his sliders.

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@SecondHandStoke Uh…and the guy at the window didn’t notice??

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^ I know.

I’m assuming someone at the window called the 5–0.

Employees guided us out backwards.

As I left I saw the driver hunched over sideways. The optimist in me assumes he passed out on a weekend night instead of dying.

I was gone before any authorities showed, that is if they were called.

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You from Hawaii?

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No. Florida.

I currently live in NYC.

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