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Why do my folders keep reverting back to read only?

Asked by joeysefika (3093points) May 9th, 2008

I’m on widows and trying to copy some music into a program. But whenever i try to add it it comes up with a message saying that the disk is write protected, full or the file is in use. The drive isnt full. But the files are on read only. When i un-tick this option and click ok i try again and the same error occurs. when i go back into the properties its back on read only.

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you might try restarting the computer after you check the box.?.
Otherwise you might need to go into the properties for the drive and look at the drives options also.

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sometimes updating the driver files can be helpfull. Check your media player settings as well!

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may i ask what program? And what type of drive are we copying off of? It’s not a flash drive or an external hard drive is it? Are you an administrator?

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I solved the problem; I was using a media server program for control 4. The problem is that the program didn’t like the NTFS file system therefore i just copied the music onto an external HD (FAT32) and it imported onto the program with out a problem.

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