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Whom would you send an empty text message to?

Asked by rebbel (35100points) September 29th, 2011

This seems silly, I am aware, to send an empty sms/text message…
I read about it today, in a literature critique, and it got me thinking about it.
What would I think if I received one?
What would I assume the hidden message would be (if any at all)?
And would my assumption change depending on the sender?
My question:
Who would you (like to) send one, and what would your intention with it be?

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I wouldn’t do that, but if I had a reason, it would be to get the attention of the person in a joking way. So they see it and say “Huh?”

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I’d consider sending one to an illiterate person, just out of sheer kindness & empathy.

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I once received an email written in white font that didn’t show up unless I selected the text. Is that possible with TXT messages?

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Since he does not exist…......Santa Claus.

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^^^ WTF!?! Audible sobbing :¬(

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I never do it intentionally, and figure others do the same.

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I sent one to my sister who could not spell it, just so she would have my address

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The only time it happened with me was due to butt texting

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If I sent one, if would be by accident.

I have received them, and assumed they were by accident, but they also could have been a warning that they were not free to say anything or it could have been a test by someone to see what kind of response I would give.

The other night at 3:30 in the morning, I received a text from a number I did not know that read, “missing you.” Later, that same number called, but hung up before I could answer. Anyone care to explain that phone call to me?

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@wundayatta oh that was me, you had your shades down so I couldn’t peep uh… Check up on you. Lol

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I send empty text messages to people with whom I am not on speaking terms so that I will not appear antisocial.

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I have on occasion to several people, but by accident. I guess I’m just clumsy? I did send one once to a specific person. I meant to and luckily he got exactly what I meant by it. Sometimes you don’t need words to speak. Silence can say a lot.

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I do it alot I text, speak, read and type really fast (hence all of my typos) and sometimes in brain excitement I hit send too soon sometimes before typing anything at all. Then you have to hit cancel like a mad person and hope it doesn’t go through so you look like an idiot. I get them sometimes too I imagine for the same reason? But I never thought about getting one really?

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If I were to send an empty message to someone (which I don’t see happening anytime soon), it would be due to any of the following reasons:

A: A cry for attention.
B: Just to mess around.
C: An accident.

Hmm…reason “B” right now doesn’t sound half bad.

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I wouldn’t do that, and if I received one I’d assume they sent it by accident.

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