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Are there better things for people to do than worry about a dead chicken in an ad?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) September 30th, 2011

I was cruising through the headline on my home page and came across this. I was thinking bloody hell, are they serious? Who can make the leap from seeing a dead chicken as overly sexual or offensive is beyond me. Can we not take a joke or see humor in stuff unless it is blatant sexual innuendo by adults or fart jokes? How many of you would have been offended or gave that ad 15 minutes more of your time once you put the magazine or news paper down, clicked off of it, or drove by?

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I wouldn’t think twice of it. It’s kinda funny, even. Food is used in advertisment all the time, whether for food itself or other things. I don’t even particularly understand PETA’s issue with this.

Wait I just got it. They say it has elements of necrophillia. Ummm I can’t speak for everyone but you could put a skinless chicken in a bloody basque and stilleto shoes and I still would not want to fuck it, or any other dead thing.

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“young chicken in a young pose” (Ingrid Newkirk)
Bahahaha ha ! ;D
She was joking right?

“Young pose” ? ROFLMAO ,hehe heehee
PETA Not being heard with cries of murder move on to avian sexual exploitation and even chicken pedophilia.

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@Boogabooga1 “young pose” totally got me too. I can’t begin to imagine what kind of creepy bastard would say something like that.

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But seriously—did you see the knockers on that chick!

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BAHAHAHAHA ^^ BAHAHAHAHA Hooooo hooo har har har! ^^

Always knew you were a <ahem>....breast man ROLF!

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It’s not an ad, just a funny picture for an article. And I wouldn’t give it 5 seconds of thought.

PETA has no sense of humor at all. But they are into porn . Maybe they should get their heads out of the gutter.

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OMG, how ridiculous! Let’s worry about a “young chicken in a young pose” (roflmao), because we just don’t have enough to worry about these days!

PETA= People Eating Tasty Animals

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PETA is generally runs the gamut between ridiculous and terrorism. This ad is a “meh”.

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I can see what they’re saying. It doesn’t drive me up the wall as it does them. I don’t always support PETA but the fact that in our society we make objects of women and use animals to pose like we pose our women is nonetheless true.

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PETA has no sense of humor at all. But they are into porn . If I wasn’t engaged that gal on the left, I might think of “tossing her salad”. Har har

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It’s a plucked, beheaded, young chicken in a young pose.


Man, everything upsets people these days. Lol chickens.

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PETA is known for being over-the-top about everything. I don’t think many people aside from them would be very offended by the ad, and my guess is that they’re not actually concerned about the sexual aspect of it, but the meat aspect. I guess they’re trying to get a rise out of non-vegetarians as well by going the ‘too-sexy’ route rather than the ‘dead animal’ route.

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