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Jellies in cooler climates, what is the deciding factor in turning on your furnace for the first time?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) October 1st, 2011

I was just outside and I noticed smoke coming from a handful of my neighbors’ chimneys. I checked my own thermostat, and it is reading 61F in the living room. It’s only October 1st, but I’m really tempted to kick on the heat for just a little bit.

When do you decide to turn on your furnace?

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If my thermostat dips below 64 inside. Then it’s time to turn the furnace on.

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I live in a more temperate climate (Los Angeles), but I turn on my heater when the daytime high is going to be lower than 80 and my house temperature goes below 70.

We don’t usually get days like that or cooler until mid-October or later.

In 1998, the summer heat broke on September 15, and I didn’t need any heat until October 15. Consequently, I got to go a whole month without turning on the heat or my A/C, and I loved it!

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When I realize that I’ve spent the day being uncomfortably chilly even with a sweatshirt on. Probably around the mid-60s.

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When there is frost on the pumpkin at the very latest.

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It is 55 degrees outside and I have my window open. It will probably have to get down to around 45 for me to fire up the heater.

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When I am cold. I hate being uncomfortable inside of my house. I could care less what date it is. If it gets 65–66 in the house at night, I would be compelled to put it on. During the day once it is down to 68–70 I turn it on. Whichever happens first. My heater is on a thermostat, why would I wait to turn it on? It actually only clicks on when it gets below a certain temperature.

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When the little electric fireplace can’t keep the temp above 67 degrees F

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Room heaters usually start to get work intermittently when it’s around 55–58F inside; the central heat is usually set to kick on at around 47–49F; the fireplace gets lit when whenever there’s an extra chill in the air. Right now it’s in the mid 40’s out and we’ve got a couple windows open, but it’s nice inside (mid 60’s) with no heaters.

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when my landlord turns the heat on…. it’s usually pretty brisk by then.
until then it’s sweatshirts and blankets for us.though it seems warm in here today..

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Not now, it’s almost 26 degrees Celsius, swelteringly hot where I am………
Ice cream anybody? :-/

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When the feeling in my feet starts to go, I turn the heat on.

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62F here today and raining, but there is no need for heating. The southeast of the country has had its warmest ever October day reaching 85.8F.

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Well, when my thermostat fell to 60F I caved and ran the furnace for about 30 minutes.
It felt good.
That is all. :)

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I just go by my feelings and when the rest of the people in the house start complaining.

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I try and put off turning my heating on as I need to be careful with the cost. I usually just wrap myself in my duvet or use a hot water bottle (I know, sexy!). However, from December through to March it is usually necessary to have my heating on as that is when I feel it is the coldest here in England (it’s also the time we are most likely to get snow) so I make sure it is on a timer so that I know that it isn’t on 24/7.

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It is cheaper to put on a jumper than to put on the heating.

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My furnace kicks on automatically if the indoor temperature dips to 19 degrees Celsius. It hasn’t come on yet.

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